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#freemario - 19 reasons why Mario Götze should come back to Dortmund

05.05.2015, 14:40 Uhr von:  Redaktion
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- 19 reasons why Mario Götze should come back to Dortmund

1. His lecture at the University of Dortmund about "down-to-earthness in professional football" would be a real highlight...

2. ... and together with Neven Subotic he could organise events about "Doing meaningful things during your holidays" which will not only fascinate the people in Mosambique but in Saint Tropez as well.

3. Because he's always been dreaming to play under Thomas Tuchel who is "an inspiring coach with an eye for detail and a massive knowledge to profit from".

3+1. Because we need a dead sure penalty taker.

5. To push the turnover of Dortmund's tanning shops through the roof.

6. Because our BVB would like to publish more content in social networks for twelve-year-olds.

7. So we can lead him around the Borsigplatz on the BVB family day to get a paddlin'.

8. After Florian Kringe and Ilkay Gündogan leaving us, we need a player to whose body proportions fans can relate...

9. ... and somebody is needed who fits perfectly into the Emma-costume.

10. Because Batman and Robin need a Faithboy as a dogsbody.

11. So Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang isn't responsible for the worst design decisions and the ugliest headphones ...

12. ... and we can earn twice from outfitters when our new Puma jerseys are presented by someone wearing a Nike-Shirt.

13. Because even low league teams know that you cannot have too many blown-up balls with you.

14. So we can ask FC Arsenal if they would buy him for 40 million Euro.

15. Because certain premises in Dortmund-Wichlinghofen are for sale.

16. Because fellow students are missing his brother at school.

17. Because it is careless that all players get warmed up on the pitch and the strategically important passageway to the locker rooms is unattended ...

18. ... and we always wanted to have a sub who is better than Messi.

19. Because in a family company like Borussia Dortmund cheati... lost sons are welcomed with open arms.

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