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Marco Reus in an interview with Kicker: "I am free"

22.02.2015, 23:23 Uhr von:  Redaktion
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Kicker publish a long Marco Reus interview in their issue tomorrow. Reus speaks about the match against Juventus saying he thinks the chances are 50:50, "but we are proud enough to say that we can also get past this opponent if we show our best performance. If we show only 1 % less than that, it will be extremely hard on this top level".

About the Champions League in general Reus says that "it's a special attraction for every player in the world to compete with the best teams on the highest level. We have already experienced how great it is to reach a Champions League final and we are hungry to win this competition one day."

About possibly not playing Champions League football next season Reus says that there have been enough other players who missed out on playing in it for one or two years. "If we don't make it it is our challenge to make sure to be in it again the year after. The club simply deserves this."

Speaking about his recent contract extension he says that it is primarily important for him that he feels comfortable in the team and in his surroundings, "that has a very high priority for me as a player. I think it is normal that there are times where it doesn't go so well. How we work on improving and how every single one does their part really impresses me." Asked about why he puts his wellbeing over titles he says it was similar to his time in Ahlen and Gladbach, "if I am free I can show my best performances and at BVB I have this feeling: I am free. Dortmund is my home town, my family lives here and I have my friends here. And apart from that there is also a life after football."

Reus also speaks about how winning the league one day with Dortmund still remains his big aim. "I want to experience what it will be like in this city when it happens. I give everything for that and I have a strong feeling that we will make it one day."

Looking ahead to the Derby on Saturday Reus says that it is mainly still all about preventing relegation and that of course noone needs to point out important the derby is for the fans and the players, "we really want to win, especially to keep moving away from the bottom of the league."

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