Berlin, Berlin, we are going to Berlin

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Erik Durm in the first legFor now "only" for the last Bundesliga game of the season, but this last game will hopefully be a great one. You know what they say about theater performances? That the dress rehearsal needs to go wrong in order to succeed in the actual performance? Well, with a Championsleague qualification spot and table spot number two guaranteed, we may cope with a negative dress rehearsal, but then again our Ballspielverein never cared about what others thought or said and simply did their thing so we may as well win the dress rehearsal and succeed a week later as well.

What a season it has been. Surely, at times it was a really tough one and you could hear people here and there voicing to be glad once the season is over. We have had easier years, no doubt- less injuries, less drama but if you think about it at the very end, how can you not consider this season to be an absolutely successful, emotional and great one? On our account, 68 points- and we can still break the 70 mark. Four years ago this number of points would have been enough to win the Bundesliga title. A great success, even with Pep's almighty record show as a sideline. We reached the Championsleague quarterfinals and were seen off by the current CL final participant Real Madrid. Does anyone remind that on the Championsleague last season? And we have a great Cup Final ahead, so, yes. Berlin, Berlin, we are going to Berlin. In order to get Lewandowski's top scorer crown, in order to say hello to Ramos and show him what he is going to enjoy in the future and of course tell him to better not score against us and simply in order to celebrate a team that got stronger and stronger the more people had written them off, the more obstacles had gotten in their way and the tougher the initial position had been.

LewandowskiThis season offered the greatest hours for players like Durm who substituted Schmelzer as if it was the easiest thing on this planet, resulting in a national team nomination by Jogi Löw. Just as it was the hour of Kevin Großkreutz who can now officially play every position on the pitch. It was the hour of the team and us fans, of the injured players who suffered and celebrated with the team as fans. Let's never forget Neven Subotic who, after the Madrid game, stated that he was proud to be part of THIS team. And so are we. It really is easy to be a BVB fan- the team just does that to you.

So now we are facing Hertha. Last season still in the second Bundesliga, this season on a secure 10th spot of the table. It will be Ramos' last game in the Olympiastadium wearing a Hertha dress, and even though I usually wish players all the best, let's just hope he won't have such a great day tomorrow.
What I wish for tomorrow instead: the scorer crown for Lewandowski, no injuries on either side, sunshine, great fans and a great game. Let's celebrate this season for one last time before we send our players into their well deserved summerbreak or into preparation camp for the world cup! Go Ballspielverein!

Possible Lineup

Hertha: Kraft - Pekarik, S. Langkamp, Brooks, J. van den Bergh - Hosogai, Kobiashvili - Allagui, Skjelbred, Ben-Hatira - Ramos
Coach: Luhukay

Ballspielverein: Weidenfeller - Piszczek, Sokratis, Hummels, Schmelzer - Jojic, Sahin - H. Mkhitaryan, Reus, Großkreutz - Lewandowski
Coach: Klopp

Referee: Stieler (Hamburg)
Olympiastadion: sold out

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