Durm renews contract at BVB

28.08.2013, 12:30 Uhr von:  Redaktion
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Erik Durm (21) has signed a new contract at Borussia. The right wing prospect agreed to prolong his current contragt until 2017. Durm has joined Borussia in 2012 from Mainz 05 II. He mostly played for the BVB reserve last season. In this year's summer preparation camp, Jürgen Klopp tranformed Durm, who used to be a striker, into a right fullback and promoted him into the pro squad. Durm has not played for the first team in an official match yet, but made his debut for the German U21 two weeks ago.

"Erik is a very talented young football pro" said BVB sporting director Zorc "his example shows that it is still possible to make it into the pro squad if you perform great in the U23." "At this exceptional club with an exceptional coaching staff I find the best opportunities to develop further" said Durm "during the last year I could witness how players got better and better due to the intensive training at BVB. That was the main reason for me to prolong my contract. I am very much looking forward to the upcoming years in black'n'yellow."

Good to know that BVB is still developing homegrown talents. And good to have you around for four more years, Erik Durm!

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