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After the hard fought win in the Champions League it is back to grey everyday life for the Borussians. Back to the village of the Billionaire and his plastic toy. The club that never should have reached the Bundesliga much less stayed there. Back to the competition Borussia has underperformed in for the last weeks. Back to no pain, no gain. Back on the homestretch to the winter break we are all longing for. Two to go before Christmas. Time for the last men standing to prove themselves once more.

The much hated sugar-daddy Dietmar Hopp felt the need to direct some personal words at the BVB supporters in the stadium magazine. He started with a great joke, when he talked about what has become a “tradition” at his soulless plastic toy. Just to mention the word tradition in this context is a real knee-slapper. Then he goes on about his terrible childhood without billions at his disposal to buy whatever he wants. Then he shows his vanity by bragging about all the good things he claims to have paid for, among them the ulcer of the Bundesliga to which he boosted the once likeable village club, he played for in his youth days. He still can’t see why the vast majority of football supporters throughout Germany hate the monster he created.

Is he really so naive to think that writing some empty words will change the attitude of BVB supporters towards him and his plastic baby? Does he really think he won’t be reminded of his mother’s profession when the black’n’yellow hordes invade the business park next to Sinsheim village this time? If he is really that stupid, he we will be facing a bitter disappointment. Nothing will change, his mother will be insulted once more and he will have to watch the match from inside his lounge once again and wrinkle his nose at the Ruhrpott barbarians. On the contrary his arrogant words will enflame the anger even further. But I doubt that a man, who has had so much success in the business world, really won’t foresee this outcome. So what’s his plan? Is he seeking for solidarity amongst the plastic eating customers? But these people are already kissing his behind 24/7, so that can’t be it. Maybe he wants to alert the press so they will watch the behavior of the Borussians especially closely. Who knows?

What’s worst about the trip to plastic village is the fact that we will be reminded of last season’s shameful finale, when we had the chance to get rid of “the project” for at least a year. But we blew it with an arrogant performance and wasted a chance that does not seem to return anytime soon. Moneybag Hopp picked Markus Gisdol as coach when Horst Held at Kackenhausen rather promoted his old buddy Jens Keller. And unlike Keller Gisdol seems to have a systematic approach. He got rid of some rather old and expensive players like Wiese, Weiss and Derdiyok and gave the youth a chance. He was rewarded with a lot of spectacle, a goal difference of 34:35 and a place in the middle of the Bundesliga table.

BVB has always had some problems to perform well at the village and the exhausting match at Marseille does not make things easier for the black’n’yellows. But Jürgen Klopp had some rather surprising news at yesterday’s presser: “No further injuries after the match at Marseille.” Hard to believe isn’t it? The glass boned squad has really managed to go 90 minutes without any casualties. “Of course everybody is tired after this intense match” Klopp had to add “The substitutes will train today alongside Ducksch and Bandowski who joined us in Marseille but did not make the bench.” No further injuries? Really? No of course not! Bad news from the home front: “Manuel Friedrich will attempt training as well. He could not train in the last two days due to a sore toe.” And with Sokratis suspended, Friedrich should be one of Klopp’s prime options for centre back.

But what about the shooting star of the Marseille game, youngster Marian Sarr? “Marian did great in Marseille. He never showed if he was nervous. His passing game is a natural talent, but he also did good in the tackles.” Klopp summed up Sarr’s brilliant performance, yet there is still some doubt “Hoffenheim will be a different game. I don’t expect them to play as defensive orientated as Marseille, so our central backs might have more to do than to take care of one striker waiting for counter-attacks. But of course Marian is an option for Saturday.” What other options has he left? “Kevin is still an option as centre back, but we also have Marian Sarr, Koray Günter and have to wait if Manuel Friedrich will be available.” Okay that does not sound like a world class defence but at least it will be exciting, what our back four will look like on Saturday.

And what about pain eater Nuri Sahin, who managed to go all the way in Marseille despite his ankle injuries? “Of course Nuri still has some pain but he should be able to play” Klopp confirmed. And the rest of our midfield? The indestructible Bender? “Manni Bender will not be available, he could only go for 10 minutes on the exercise bike so far.” But someone else is on his way back. “Schmelzer is up and running but far from match fitness.” But the best news for Borussia is that the winter break is not far away. Just two more matches and then our squad can kick their feet up and rest their sore legs for a while. Just two to go, but please make it six points until the break because we need every point we can get to stay in the race for best of the Bundesliga rest. And to win that race should be Borussia’s ambition!

How we might play: Weidenfeller – Großkreutz, Günter, Sarr, Durm – Kehl, Sahin – Aubameyang, Mkhitaryan, Reus – Lewandowski

And here’s this week’s edition of you vs. the editors:



Dominic from Ireland

Hertha – Werder



Bayern- Hamburg



Hopp – BVB



Mainz - Gladbach



Augsburg – Braunschweig



VW – Stuttgart



GE – Freiburg



Leverkusen – Frankfurt



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