You vs. the Editors! Round seven!

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Let's go for another round of betting. After the promising start of the editors, the international readers slowly turned the table. The come-back was initiated by Mark who impressively annihilated Manoj with 16 to 2 points. Last week, Ferars bets brought the international readers 11 points whereas Maurice view into the glass ball only spit out a moderate six. Thereby, the international readers equalized their deficit and with a total score of International Readers 3 - 3 Editors, we proceed to matchday eight.

On the International Readers side, Derek will take up the fight once more after he was defeated by Vanni on matchday five. Here are his predictions for this weekend:

Hannover 2 : 1 Hertha
Sch***ke 1 : 1 Augsburg
Gladbach 1 : 2 Dortmund
Wolfsburg 2 : 0 Braunschweig
Mainz 2 : 3 Hoffenheim
Stuttgart 2 : 0 Bremen
Leverkusen 2 : 3 Bayern
Nuernberg 1 : 1 Hamburg
Freiburg 1 : 0 Frankfurt

Solid bets and no surprises at a first glance, let's see if the "save road" will lead him to victory this time.

For the editors, it is up to Ida to get back the leadership. Here are her bets:

Hannover 1 : 1 Hertha
Sch***ke 2 : 3 Augsburg
Gladbach 1 : 2 Dortmund
Wolfsburg 2 : 0 Braunschweig
Mainz 1 : 1 Hoffenheim
Stuttgart 2 : 2 Bremen
Leverkusen 2 : 1 Bayern
Nuernberg 1 : 2 Hamburg
Freiburg 0 : 2 Frankfurt

Despite the two overlaps Dortmund and Wolfsburg, Ida predicted completely different then Derek. I personally like the Bayern bet! We will see who will score more this time. Due to the friday match, Ida starts the saturday with a slight advantage. Will Derek catch up? Good luck to both!

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