You vs the editors - score of the fifth matchday: gaining some ground

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Before focusing on the Champions League start tomorrow night, let us take a look back at the last weekend, when matchday five of Bundesliga competition marked the fourth meeting in our competition between our international readers and the editors of After losing the first matchday, the editors managed to turn the page and gain the 2-1 lead so I, Vanni, was willing to increase the lead against Derek from from the United States. Let's see how my American opponent predicted the nine Bundesliga matches and how many points he got. Remember that three points are awarded for predicting the exact results while two points are the reward for the right prediction of the goal difference. By only picking the right side (home victory, draw, away victory), the side will gain one point.

Derek's predictions/actual result/points

Hertha- Stuttgart - 2:2/0:1/0
Bayern- Hannover - 3:0/2:0/1
Bayer- Wolfsburg - 1:1/3:1/0
Werder- Frankfurt - 0:2/0:3/1
Mainz- Losers - 4:0/0:1/0
Augsburg- Freiburg - 0:1/2/1/0
Dortmund- HSV - 3:0/6:2/1
Hopp- 'Gladbach - 1:2/2:1/0
Braunschweig- Nurnberg - 0:0/1:1/1

Total Score: 4 points

Derek slightly missed guessing the right scores for the victories of Bayern Munich and Eintrach Frankfurt, but made the right choice by picking a draw for the match between Braunschweig and Nuremberg. All in all, four points are a beatable result so let's see if I could take advantage.

Vanni's predictions/actual result/points

Hertha- Stuttgart - 2:1/0:1/0
Bayern- Hannover - 2:0/2:0/3
Bayer- Wolfsburg - 2:0/3:1/2
Werder- Frankfurt - 1:1/0:3/0
Mainz- Losers - 1:2/0:1/2
Augsburg- Freiburg - 1:1/2:1/0
Dortmund- HSV - 2:1/6:2/1
Hopp- 'Gladbach - 1:2/2:1/0
Braunschweig- Nurnberg- 1:2/1:1/0

Total Score: 8 points

By predicting the exact result for Bayern Munich's win against Hanover, I gained three points and the victories of GE and Bayer Leverkusen brought me some more decisive points to win the duel against Derek. Therefore, the new score in the ongoing battle between you and the editors is as following:

Editors 3 - 1 International Readers

After the Champions League, matchday six will give you another battle between our readers and ourselves. And again, if you are willing to take part in our prediction game to face an editor on an upcoming matchday, just feel free to contact us at

Vanni, 17.09.2013

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