Dear Enemy

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RudelbildungDear HSV,

I think you are our oldest acquaintance in the Bundesliga. Except for our four years of absence, we always met twice a year. Year in and year out. There were times when we even were friends. Some of you and some of us still are. We like you more than most other guests and there certainly is a lot of mutual respect. This respect, however, is more and more reserved for your fans only. Because honestly, I sometimes don't recognize you anymore. You have become so fashionable, so posh. You have your very own David Beckham with his Spice Girl and all the soap opera that goes with it. You have your very own drama in the management – for years now – and it only seems to get worse. You have your very own carnival prince, an old legend turned into a restless and ruthless critic. And every time I get the impression that you may be back on track, you proof me wrong. Another scandal, another stupid interview, another step from the respected senior Bundesliga club to a clown academy. And with every step away from your heart and soul, you lose a little more respect - and success.

You were not very successful the last years and this year you had yet another devastating start. Even though you could finally gain some points against Braunschweig, you still are 8 points and 11 ranks behind us. Ok, you were still good enough to beat us twice last year. But you will have to agree that this was more our fault than your earning. You were willing to go for the points by all means, losing some more of our respect and making you return as an enemy rather than a long-time friend. We are eager to beat you this time. Not only because we couldn't do that last season, but also because of the way you stole our points. Because of the way your star player played dirty and got Lewandowski sent off on his own. Maybe for the first time ever, you will not receive the relatively warm welcome in the best stadium of the world that was always reserved for you. You will have to feel that nobody is hated as much as someone that once was loved. You will have to face a furious crowd and a fit and eager team of ours. And you have only yourself to blame.

Block drölfLewandowski will most probably be ready to take revenge. Sahin, Mhkitaryan, Schmelzer and Reus are fit, only Kuba could be missing. The stadium is sold-out (7'200 tickets were sold in Hamburg), the floodlights will be ready for the second half, so the sphere will be goose-bump rising. We will be at our best and we will certainly try to make up for last year, so be aware.

Eventually, I would like to tell you that I usually do not focus on our opponent that much. I did in this case, because I do like you in some way and I sincerely hope that you find back your own self very soon, because you deserve it. For tomorrow, however, I wish for an overpowering and devastating defeat for you, because right now you deserve it.

Goodbye, dinosaur.
Go, black and yellow boys!

Nadja, 13.09.2013

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