You vs. the editor! Round five!

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Here we go again! It is always annoying if there is a break in the Bundesliga for the qualifiers for the World Cup game. Not only because we cannot watch our beloved Ballspielverein, but of course also because we cannot see if our international readers beat us editors of in our betting game, or whether it is actually the other way round.
So here we are on matchday number five. After Maurice had beaten James in the fourth round of our game, this time Derek from Pennsylvania will give it a go. This time against Vanni, who- of coure- is under high pressure now.
Let's take a look at the guessed scores first, starting with the ones from Derek.

Derek's scores:

Hertha- Stuttgart - 2:2
Bayern- Hannover - 3:0
Bayer- Wolfsburg - 1:1
Werder- Frankfurt - 0:2
Mainz- Losers - 4:0
Augsburg- Freiburg - 0:1
Dortmund- HSV - 3:0
Hopp- 'Gladbach - 1:2
Braunschweig- Nurnberg - 0:0

Vanni's scores:

Hertha- Stuttgart - 2:1
Bayern- Hannover - 2:0
Bayer- Wolfsburg - 2:0
Werder- Frankfurt - 1:1
Mainz- Losers - 1:2
Augsburg- Freiburg - 1:1
Dortmund- HSV - 2:1
Hopp- 'Gladbach - 1:2
Braunschweig- Nurnberg- 1:2

So, as we can see: except for the Hoffenheim- Gladbach game where Derek and Vanni expect the same result, the scores both guessed are very different from eachother. Even though I have to admit that I wish Vanni no points when it comes to the game of our blue neighbours. Good luck to both of you! And if YOU want to guess the scores for one round as well, don't hesitate and feel free to contact us through:

Ida, 13.09.2013

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