You vs. the editors! Second round!

20.08.2013, 02:30 Uhr von:  Redaktion
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After Dominic from Ireland had beaten me, editor Ida, in the betting game of the first matchday of the new season, Maurice (aka. Der Junge mit dem Ball) and Feras from England on the side of the international supporters fought for the victory of the score-betting of the second matchday. And as it seems, the winner of this week is the editor Maurice. But let's take a look at the scores first!

Feras' prediction/ Actual score/ Points

Stuttgart- Leverkusen: 1:1/ 0:1 / 0 Feras declared that both teams are boring. The result looks that way as well. Stuttgart did not manage to score a goal though.

Wolfsburg- Schalke: 3:2/ 4:0/ 1 Feras said a Wolfsburg victory would be his wish. Wish fullfilled I would say :-)

Bremen- Augsburg: 1:2/ 1:0/ 0 Feras predicted that Ausburg would make it difficult for Werder to play properly. For those who watched the game, the prediction was definetely correct. Bremen had a hard time. But scored.

Freiburg- Mainz: 2:2/ 1:2/ 0 Another difficult game to predict.

Hamburg- Hoffenheim: 2:0/ 1:5/ 0 Feras explained that he expected Hamburg to be a stronger team now, unfortunately Hoffenheim proved him wrong.

Frankfurt- München: 1:3/ 0:1/ 1 Feras said that a victory from Munichs side was a logical prediction and he was right.

Gladbach- Hannover: 2:2/ 3:0/ 0 Feras found this game hard to predict. I would have too. Gladbach game back stronger from their last defeat than one would have maybe expected.

Nürnberg- Berlin: 1:4/ 2:2/ 0 Feras expected Berlin to be fired up after ascending from league two, and they managed a great start with four points. A victory did not happen this time though.

Dortmund- Braunschweig: 5:0/ 2:1/ 1 The explaination for a Dortmund victory was a simple "we are BVB and strong after all". Strong enough for Braunschweig, however, not strong enough for five goals this time.

Points in total: 3

Maurice's prediction/ Actual score/ Points

Stuttgart- Leverkusen: 0:2/ 0:1/ 1 Maurice expected Leverkusen to be stronger and was right.

Wolfsburg- Schalke: 2:1/ 4:0/ 1 Just like Feras Maurice wished for a Wolfsburg victory and got lucky.

Bremen- Augsburg: 1:1/ 1:0/ 0 Again no goal for Augsburg but one for Bremen.

Freiburg- Mainz: 1:2/ 1:2/ 3 Perfect score for Maurice.

Hamburg- Hoffenheim: 2:1/ 1:5/ 0 Maurice expected Hamburg to be stronger than Hoffenheim just like Feras. Unfortunately no points there.

Frankfurt- München: 1:3/ 0:1/ 1 A predicted victory for Munich and a point for Maurice.

Gladbach- Hannover: 2:0/ 3:0/ 1 Gladbach even stronger than Maurice had exspected.

Nürnberg- Berlin: 2:1/ 2:2/ 0 Maurice believed that Nürnberg would be able to cope with the strong Hertha from Berlin. They did- more than Frankfurt last week. However, not enough.

Dortmund- Braunschweig: 3:0/ 2:1/ 1 Points for Borussia and one point for Maurice.

Points in total: 8

It seems like a clear victory for the editors this week. Congratulations to Maurice for some good betting. Thank you Feras for participating! We are looking forward to many more games!

Ida, 20.08.2013

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