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Champion once again!Bayern don't lose two years in a row. Without Sahin Dortmund is nothing. They're too hungover from last year's party. You can't expect players like Grosskreutz, Schmelzer, and Subotic to step up again. Klopp got lucky. Doubts. Concerns. Insults. MEISTER!

Looked like a long ball with potential, but alas its scuttled to Grosskreutz. Decent pass to Gündogan at the top of the box. Mhm. What's this? Off the post? No?! NO! TOR! TOR! TOR! TOR! TOR! TOR! BERLIN BERLIN WIR FAHREN NACH BERLIN!

Sitting on my ass in the twelfth floor of an apartment in Dubai isn't exactly like standing on the Südtribüne. But through all the songs, through "Kämpfen und Siegen", "Nur Der BVB", "Scheiße 04", "Ein Schuss Kein tor Die Bayern" and all the shirtless "Ole Jetzt Kommt Der BVB" , I've managed to make it my own, one man, Westfalenstadion. Always having to stay up early into the morning to watch my beloved Borussia, a shitty night's sleep is always one of my favorite feelings.

It's been a thoroughly unbelievable season, to say the least. Piszczek after his goal in MainzThe dramatic goals, the passion and heart poured out on the pitch, the unity within the team has been out of this world. Slugging it out in the Arroganz Arena, Piszceck's goal against Mainz, the drawn out wins against Leverkusen at home and Berlin away; the teamwork and chemistry has been, as Roman would say, "Grandiose". And one must remember how the media around the world has it all wrong. Dortmund did not win the double, Dortmund won the treble. Because vanquishing FC Scheiße twice in one season is like a championship in itself. And don't even get me started on the cup final.

While I can describe and give superlatives to the passion on the pitch, the passion on the stands has left utterly me speechless. The Hamburg Choreo, Champions League Choreo, out singing Bayern in their own stadium, the two derbies, roaring our jungs back into the Stuttgart game; the past year (as with every year) requires cherishment. It has been almost impossible to articulate the passion and adrenaline on the stands.

Despite the 81 points, three wins against Bayern, two wins agains Scheiße, and through all the tears, songs, and thank you's let's not forget who we are. We will never be the money and victory obsessed "elite" of Europe, we will neYES!ver be what Bayern are. We are pride, passion, and strength. We are Echte Liebe. Wir sind alles Dortmunder Jungs!

Dedicated to Kevin Großkreutz.

Zeno Stone is a Dortmund supporter from America currently living in Dubai.

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Zeno, 23.05.2012


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