Time to finally beat Hoffenheim

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It was the Cup-season 07/08 when we first encountered that team from down south in our beloved Westfalenstadion. The result then? A 3:1 victory for us and the next round in the Cup. Since then Hoffenheim has managed to climb up to the first Bundesliga and made us go mad every once in a while.

Be it the "soundecho-affair" in the first half of this season, or any other game with a destructive way of playing- we never managed to find any sympathy for the artificial team from Sinsheim. Their first ascent to the Bundesliga was due to a- well- generous involvement by Dietmar Hopp who put an amount of money into the team that since then declares to have tradition since 1899 and should be regarded as a team everyone should have respect for. Not so. Hoffenheim became the target of many fangroups who still fight for a Bundesliga where money can't reign. Very romantic and at times probably a bit naive, and we all know that we were down at the bottom due to wrong financing once, but from our own experience we can now say, from the bottom of our hearts, that this is not how we want football to be.

But there are reasons to dislike Hoffenheim as well. Their destructive way of playing never gained Hoffenheim too many sympathies and when it comes to our games against them, it seems, that since the cupgame back then, the devil must be involved somehow. We never managed to win against them in the Bundesliga anymore. Of course we do remember the great freekick by da Silva lst season and now is the time for a change and a three point victory in the Bundesliga against them.
The situation looks rather well. But it has before. Hoffenheim struggled against Hannover last weekend and only managed to play a nill-nill draw. We achieved a glorious 5:1 victory in Hamburg and are eager to keep up that good work and those three points at home where they belong.

Since Götze will be out for the next six to eight weeks, Kuba will take over his position on the right side. But since Kuba's performances have been great during the past games, we shouldn't be worried. We have a great team where everyone know how to play and I am sure everyone is willing to finally beat Hoffenheim in the Bundesliga as well.
Come on boys, show those guys from Hoffenheim what tradition really means and how beautiful football is really played and we will b there with you to support you. As always!

Possible Lineup:

Ballspielverein: Weidenfeller - Piszczek, Subotic, Hummels, Schmelzer - S. Bender, Kehl - Kuba, Kagawa, Großkreutz - Lewandowski

Hoffenheim: Starke - Beck, Williams, Vestergaard, Braafheid - Rudy, Salihovic - Mlapa, Roberto Firmino, Johnson - Babel

Referee: Kircher (Rottenburg)

Where: Westfalenstadion!

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