30 minutes of Doom

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A choreographie to remember the true name of the WestfalenstadionSometimes it is hard to find the right words to describe what happened- the 2nd half of the Bundesliga match Borussia Dortmund against Hannover 96 is an event that totally puzzles the mind of anyone who has seen this. Well, a football match lasts 90 minutes, but what happened during the „30 minutes of Doom“- of course this can only be seen as true for Hannover 96, for us it were the 30 minutes of endless joy- was extraordinary!

But back to the start: The 2nd April 2011 offered an interesting football match as well as the first touch of Summer in Germany with temperatures around 25°c. After the break caused by the European Cup qualification matches and the last 2 not too successful matches of Borussia Dortmund it was the right time for change. Hannover won the choice of ends and decided to play in front of the Südtribüne in the first halftime, a very unpopular decision.

Manni Bender tackling the enemyThe first interesting scene of the match takes place in the 10th minute when Nuri Sahin shoots a free kick directly onto the goal from around 20m distance- but this free kick isn't precisely enough and lands in the arms of goalkeeper Fromlowitz who replaces the injured Zieler.
On the other side Hannover has it's first possibility in the 16th minute after a corner kick, but Ya Konan doesn't get possession of the ball but our defenders clear the situation. In the following it seems like our young guns create a chance, but around 40 seconds later it is again Hannover in person of Didier Ya Konan who has the possibility to score from 20 meters distance but gets distracted by the outstorming Weidenfeller.

In the 18th minute the audience could witness a very fast attack by Borussia when Mats Hummels plays a long ball onto Mario Götze (by the way greetings to Jogi Löw who doesn't like long balls and Hummels and whatsoever) who runs towards the goal line and passes the ball to Barrios in the middle but our best striker can't bring the ball onto the goal- what a chance! The next opportunity would have been the „Goal of the month“ if it was scored successfully – but Robert Lewandowski's shot from around 25-30 metres distance misses the goal by a few centimetres.

In the following the match is pretty boring, the last opportunity of the 1st half could be witnessed in the 45th minute when Götze passes onto Piszczek who sprints into the penalty area and gets fouled- but the referee Gräfe blows the whistle before and decides that Lukasz Piszczek was offside when Götze played the pass. All in all a more or less unspectacular 1st half and a decent feeling that we might see another part of the story „If you don't use your opportunities, the enemy will“.

The Yellow Wall celebrating the teamThis feeling is emphasized in the early second half when Barrios misss the goal after a corner kick by Sahin and when Hannover in return scores the 0:1 in the 57th minute after a corner kick in person of Mohammad Abdellaoue. But just 2 minutes later it is Mario Götze with an outstanding solo who equalizes the match! After trespassing 4 enemy players he scores into the bottom right corner and lifts up his shirt while running in direction of the bench- wearing a shirt with the number 17 and the name of our beloved Dede under his own shirt- not even we as fans but also the team loves Dede and shows that!

But by far that's not enough, in the 64th minute Manni Bender plays a long ball onto the right side where Lukasz Piszczek gets possession of the ball close to the corner flag- the flank he crosses afterwards is absolutely perfect and reaches Lucas Barrios who heads the ball into the net with immense power- Borussia Dortmund takes the lead!

Good match but unlucky: Robert LewandowskiBut Lucas Barrios hasn't completed his mission for today, but at first it is Mats Hummels who initiates an attack on his own, but after Mario Götze proofs stamina when he falls down into the penalty area, stands up and still has the ball it is Lewandowski after interstation Bender who misses the goal again. Personally I have seen a good match of Lewandowski who simply lacks of the necessary luck to score the goal.
In the following we see a special co-production of the 2 scorers Götze and Barrios when Mario Götze plays a pass that gets blocked inconsequently by a Hannover defender and then it is again Lucas Barrios who scores the 3:1! But the endless joy gets distracted when the goal music ends out of the sudden- does the goal count? A look onto the referee and his assistants doesn't show anything else and later on Nobby Dickel explains that the sound fell out.

But still Barrios didn't finish for today- after Manni Bender slides into the ball it is again Lukasz Piszczek who sprints into the opponents goal. His pass to Barrios reaches the target- but what Barrios does is just fantastic! He passes the ball into the free area behind him with his heel and so it is Kevin Großkreutz who scores the 5th goal in this match perfectly in the 83rd minute! Nobby Dickel's words „sensationally played by Lucas Barrios“ describe everything in the best possible way!

Mario Götze's wonderful celebrationUntil the final whistle there aren't any happenins worth to be mentioned, Borussia Dortmund wins the top match against Hannover with 4:1! After the match the team celebrates this result with the fans and especially Dede receives the honour he deserves when the Yellow Wall celebrates him and half of the team falls on their knees in order to „pray“ to Dede!

The happenings between the 57th and the 83rd minute are unexplainable, the reaction of our team is just awesome and I just don't know why and how they did it- but the 30 minutes of Doom were a comeback of the football we got used to during this season and especially we saw the right answer to claims that the team isn't experienced enough to stand the situation and gets nervous and so on- NUR DER BVB!


Borussia Dortmund: Weidenfeller - Piszczek, Subotic, Hummels, Schmelzer - Bender, Sahin - Götze, Lewandowski, Großkreutz - Barrios

Hannover 96: Fromlowitz - Cherundolo, Haggui, Pogatetz, Schulz - Schmiedebach, Pinto - Stindl, Rausch - Ya Konan, Abdellaoue

Substitutions: 71. Kuba for Lewandowski, 80. Santana for Hummels, 85. da Silva for Götze - 46. Schlaudraff for Rausch, 61. Chahed for Schulz, 76. Carlitos for Schmiedebach

Goals: 0:1 Abdellaoue (57., Pinto), 1:1 Götze (59., Großkreutz), 2:1 Barrios (64., Piszczek), 3:1 Barrios (73., Götze), 4:1 Großkreutz (83., Barrios)

Corners: 5:7

Opportunities: 6:2

Referee: Manuel Gräfe (Berlin)

Yellow Cards: Götze - Schmiedebach, Chahed

Attendance: 80.720 (sold out)

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