Merry Christmas

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A whole year Christmas. Ok, instead of under the Christmas tree, Christmas was decided on the pitch, but it gave plenty of presents and festive atmosphere. What a year for Borussia Dortmund supporters it was, that comes to an end soon. No one could have been better summarized it than Roman Weidenfeller with his English masterpiece: "We have a grandios Saison gespielt". The year of 2011 was special. A year, for which the word "legendary" was invented.

So much impressions, so much emotions and so much pictures who have been burned into our minds. When we let Uli Hoeness nuzzle on a comeback for 45 minutes just out of hatred, only to present ourselves in the proper light within 15 minutes. Klopp's destroyed glasses, after we showed the Bavarians in their own house who is going to be new German champion. The freaky stadium during the match against Nuremberg, when the goals of Cologne against Leverkusen were announced. Neven on the hood. A truly virtuoso motorcade through a city, that lives Borussia. Everywhere Black and Yellow flags, all parts of the city unified, little championship celebrations with barbecue and stereo in front of the frontdoor. More impressively could not have been shown what the club means to the city of Dortmund.

And after a short breathing pause it went on. What a fun to see the Scheißer being scared shitless during the derby. And once more the mood of the leadership of Bayern Munich became afraid more and more during the match. Eleven matches undefeated in a row, second in the table. Although the injury list became longer and longer towards the end of the year. As climax at the end of the season, once more a perfect demonstration of will and passion against Fortuna Duesseldorf. The last squad, depleted after 30 minutes again, runs, fights and straddles through the overtime, only to get over the "trauma" of penalty shootout.

A year we will wax lyrical about in 20 to 30 years and tell the younger ones. A year, the following generations will be envious about. We saw them all. Roman, Mats, Kevin, Mario, Nuri, Sven and how they are all called. The team that made history - and we took part.

And now take your time, relax and enjoy. Have yourself a few calm days, get some presents from your beloved ones, take a break from everyday life. Recharge your batteries for the mission Cup and Championship winner. On and on and louder.

The editors of wish all readers and their families a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Editors, 23.12.2011

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