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A lot has been said and written about our team during the past few weeks- from all sides. Fans, journalists, players, fans from other teams, they all had an opinion- and most likely this opinion wasn't necessarily a positive one. And while we were kind of fed up with the black and white opinions of most journalists after the game against Marseille, we caught ourselves close to resigning after the game in Greece.

What happened there? How could these games go so terribly wrong? How was it possible that our best players made such blatant mistakes? But the journalists words that our players are not ready for the big Championsleague stage yet, can't be all there is. That is an answer that is too easy and in my eyes- not satisfying. I trust our players that they will prove us and especially the journalists wrong. I expect them to show their best, that they are eager, ambitient and not giving up before all hope is lost. I know our expectations were high at the beginning. We all thought this groupd will be one that we can conquer. This is going to be a tough one now. During the past two game (Arsenal not included) it seemed like our player had given up. The defeat in Marseille felt like a punch in the face. The defeat against Piräus, well, all that was left after that game was more of a numb feeling than anger or big disappointment. Two weeks later our opponent is called Piräus again. This time at home, without any drama or turbulences out on the streets, in our wonderful Westfalenstadion.

This is an all or nothing game. All the talk after the previous games led to nothing, there is no point in analysing the situation too much. We have to win. Full stop. Furthermore it would be nice if Marseille and Arsenal do not draw their game. But first of all we have to do our homework in order to stay in the game, then we can look what the others are doing. Because the question of where we might end up after the group games in december? There is no answer to that, yet. Many say they don't want to become third but rather fourth of the group so that our Borussia can put all their concentration into the Bundesliga. Others don't want to hear about number three or four at all and are firm believers in the fact that our Borussia will play Championsleague after the group games as well. Let's hope our team meets their expectations and brings on a game today that makes all of us enjoy the Championsleague again.

As for our team: Unbreakable Bender has a big questionmark behind his name, which is a contradiction already. However, during the great game against Stuttgart, he had to be substituted by youngster Moritz Leitnerk due to the symptoms of his injury. Let's hope he will feel better soon. If not tonight, Leitner (or maybe Gündogan?) will hopefully to a fantastic job as well.
Come on dear Ballspielverein Borussia aus Dortmund, we know you can do this. You have proven it over and over and over in the Bundesliga. It is now time to do all that in the Championsleague as well. This is your homegame, your stadium, your fans that will be there to support you and chant Piräus out of the stadium- back to Greece. As dramatic as this sounds- this is our last chance. Off you go Dortmunder Jungs...

Possible Lineup

Borussia Dortmund: Weidenfeller - Piszczek, Subotic, Hummels, Schmelzer - Bender (Leitner), Kehl - Götze, Kagawa, Perisic - Lewandowski

Olympiakos Piräus: Costanzo - Torosidis, Mellberg, A. Papadopoulos, Marcano - Orbaiz, Modesto - Mirallas, Ibagaza, Holebas - Djebbour

Referee: Bezborodov (Russia)

Westfalenstadion: pretty much sold out

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