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After the final whistel

One week ago, it was me. It was me who started talking about Wednesday evening again. About games in the floodlight, about teams that spend an amount of money on players I would never be able to earn in my whole life, even if I lived a hundred years longer. So today it is me who has woken up again. Every run has to come to an end sometime. This weekend it was our run of being undefeated for 12 games in the row. I have to admit though, that a defeat can actually ruin my day. It even goes that far, that I don’t feel like talking to someone and prefer being in my room behind closed doors. This time it was different. Even though it was quite a poor game on Dortmund’s side, it was alright. This team makes me so happy at the moment, I can cope with three lost points. However, let’s go back to the beginning.

Before the game

Due to Bender’s injury, Jürgen Klopp had to reform the original line up from the past weeks. Mats Hummels took over Bender’s position in the defensive midfield, while Santana undertook Hummels position in the defense. On Stuttgarts side, an old acquaintance was able to play again. Jens Lehmann.

First half

What can one possibly say about the first half of the game on Dortmund’s behalf? It was not very entertaining if you weren’t a Stuttgartfan. A bunch of bad passes and passive behavior dominated Dortmund’s way of playing, so the only chance that is worth to be mentioned on our side took place in the 20. Minute when Owomoyela headed the ball lean over the crossbar. In the 14th minute of the game Pogrebnyak and Santana mingled in front of Ziegler and while Pogrebnyak wasn’t really able to get the ball over the goalline, he got help from Santana who heaved the ball with his hip into the goal. 1:0 Stuttgart.There is little else to tell about a first half that was as boring as I woulnd’t have thought before the game.

Replacment for Kuba - Damian La TellecSecond half

After the break Dortmund appeared to be more eager and determined to change the score and actually put effort into the duels. The result was Owomoyela sweeping Marica off his feet in the penalty area- penalty kick for Stuttgart in the 48th minute. Luckily enough, Marica managed to send the penalty kick against the crossbar. After that, Dortmund finally managed to get its act together for a while. Mats Hummels shot a long ball into Stuttgart’s half of the fiel, Kevin Großkreutz grabbed the ball and appeared to be completely overstrained by the fact that he appeared to be alone in front of Jens Lehmann and his goal. A bit hesitating and a bit procrastinating lead to passing the ball towards Lucas Barrios, who had moved up by then. Barrios finally redeemed us from shivering and scored. 1:1 in the 55. minute. After the draw, it seemed as if Dortmund might actually be able to turn that game around and score another goal. But sometimes, things just don’t happen the way you would assume them to happen or like them to happen. Let’s fast forward to 78th minute of the game. The score is 1:1. I don’t understand what actually happend then, and I still don’t understand how Dortmund was able to let the game slip out of their hands just like that, but somehow they managed. In the 77th minute Schmelzer swept one of Stuttgart’s players off his feet. Kuzmanovic sent the following free kick into the richt corner of our goal. 2:1 for Stuttgart.

What followed were goals number three and four for Stuttgart in the 88. and 90. minute of the game.


The level of the victory does definetely not equal the course of the game, and to me it is unexplicable how Dortmund in memoriam of a fan who suffered from an accidentmananged to bring in 3 goals in the last 12 minutes of the game, however, it must be said that we whitnessed quite a poor game on Dortmund’s behalf and the victory for Stuttgart- as much as I dislike to say that-is totally just.

Next week we are expecting Frankfurt in our beautiful Westfalenstadion.

Hopefully Bender will be fit again by then, so that Hummels may take over his original position again.

It okay to lose, it’s simply important to get up again and fight.

Off you go Dortmund, let’s start a new run on Sunday against Frankfurt.


Stuttgart: Lehmann – Celozzi, Tasci, Niedermeier, Molinaro – Träsch, Khedira – Gebhart, Hleb – Marica, Pogrebnyak

Exchange: Hilbert for Hleb (59.), Kuzmanovic for Gebhart (65.)

BVB: Ziegler – Owomoyela, Subotic, Santana, Schmelzer – Hummels, Sahin – Kuba, Valdez, Großkreutz – Barrios

Exchange: Le Tallec for Kuba (22.), Götze for Valdez (85.), Hajnal for Santana (85.).

Goals: 1:0 Santana (own goal 15.), 1:1 Barrios (55.), 2:1 Kuzmanovic (77.), 3:1 Marica (88.), 4:1 Träsch (90.)

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