Season ends, Borussia loses to Freiburg

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WeideAnd so yet another season comes to an end. A season that saw Borussia beat all odds and critics and put us back onto the European map. For our last match we travelled all the way down south to former darlings SC Freiburg, who are nothing but a normal Bundesliga club these days. This normal Bundesliga team would go on to beat us 3-1 (0-0).

Some 5.000 fans travelled down to Freiburg, about 1.000 of them in a train chartered by Borussia’s fan department. The others managed to be at River Breisgau just in time for the kick off despite the volcano ash and major construction works on the Autobahn heading towards Freiburg. And all of them did enjoy the beautiful scenery around the Breisgaustadion. Pre-travel there had been some discussions about the security level for away fans. But things weren’t as bad as they looked. Everyone got into the away block which due to a forbidden megaphone had to find another way to support the team, and did not succeed in total.

On the pitch the Blacknyellows for the first time this season kicked off the match without Patrick “Uwe” Owomoyela. Due to an injury he could not make the 34 this season, unlike a lot of the fans. Schmelzer took his position as a right back and Dede started as left back. We had a slight chance of even catching a CL qualifier spot before the match. A 17-1 win, a 1-0 for Hamburg vs Bremen and no win by Leverkusen would have lifted us up to third. More likely however was that we’d change places with Leverkusen if they were not able to win there last match at Gladbach. Barrios however had studied the league table and kicked off the match in style. A strong header from inside the box was just cleared off the line by Freiburg second goalie Oliver Baumann. Baumann was in the center of the game for most of the first fifteen minutes. He denied Großkreutz after a raving 18m curler and looked good on several other occasions. But slowly the match turned in favour of Freiburg and the game paced down. Half time.

fansAgain it was Barrios to kick off the action. After a brave Großkreutz pass he eyed the goalie and put the ball behind Baumann into the bottom right corner. His 19th goal of the season. Lev erkusen received the equalizer in Gladbach, we were on our way to a top 4 finish.l But as in quite a few other matches this season Borussia faltered and gave the match away. After 58min Freiburg’s half Indian manager Robin Dutt brought on Cisse and Schuster. Both of them turned into a nightmare for the Dortmund defense. After exactly an our Idrissou equalized from short distance and some ten minutes later Cisse had his magic minute when he back heeled the ball passed Weidenfeller. Valdez’ last effort for Borussia was a no-show again. Surely even the goalies do not fear the Paraguayan World Cup hope, who is set to leave Borussia for an English club this summer. Borussia gave in and in the dying seconds of this season Cisse got his brace.

Still: This was a special season. A young, talented and passionate team lifted us back to where we belong. The Blacknyellow army now is eager to show Europe what it is capable of. Both on the field and on the stands.

More in our season recap sometime this month.

sahinSCF: Baumann, Mujdza, Krmas, Toprak, Bastians, Banovic (58. Schuster), Makiadi, Jäger, Abdessadki (85. Barth), Idrissou. Reisinger (58. Cisse)

BVB: Weidenfeller, Dede, Subotic, Hummels, Schmelzer, Blaszczykowski (73. Rangelow), Hajnal (84. Felipe Santana), Sahin, Großkreutz, Valdez (81. Stiepermann), Barrios

Goals: 0:1 Barrios (47.), 1:1 Idrissou (60.), 2:1 Cisse (70.), 3:1 Cisse (90.)

Bookings: Idrissou, Banovic - Hummels , Stiepermann

Ref: Günter Perl (München)

Crowd: 24.000 (sold-out)

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