Hang loose! Mitch Langerak on his way to Dortmund?

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BVBThe season is over and it is time for some remodelling of our squad. Marc Ziegler, our long-time backup goalie, is attracted by an offer from Stuttgart. But Zorc and Klopp on the other hand aren’t unprepared. Their answer will most likely be Mitch Langerak. Mitch Who?

Mitch Langerak is a young massively talented goalie from down under. He was born in Emerald, Queensland, Australia in 1988. Nobody took notice of him until 2006, when he became a member of the Australian Institute of Sport. And from there on it took just one year and Melbourne Victory offered him a pro contract.

As a player just coming from a youth squad he had to warm the bench for about 2 years. But when starting goalkeeper Michael Theoklitos left the club last summer, a fierce battle between Langerak and his team mate Glen Moss started. Halfway through the season it was Langerak who won this fight and took over the goalkeeping position permanently. While Melbourne Victory and Mitch Langerak were “only” runners-up in the league final against Sidney FC, Mitch shined in the Asian Champions League. He showed fantastic reflexes on the goal line and saved his team several times. Unfortunately his team wasn’t able to score the goals needed to proceed to the next round.

The 1,91m tall has definitely massive reflex and is still young enough to learn. Due to his height he should have a good overview and control of the box. National coach Pim Verbeek didn’t name him for this year’s world cup squad. A disappointment for Mitch but he is still young enough and many think that he will be the future of the Australian national team.

Borussia Dortmund offered Melbourne victory “a substantial transfer fee” believed to be in the region of 300.000 Euro as Australian newspaper report. The Australian club itself is not so eager to sell his promising talent for nuts. On the one hand understandable on the other hand Mitch Langerak and his agent weren’t happy with this decision. A second, improved offer was then made. And as this one was also rejected it didn’t help to improve Mitch’s mood. He even made this clear in press Down Under. Says his agent John Grimaud in a statement for "Mitch would love to come to Germany and play for Dortmund. We are working very hard to make this happen"

The Victory fans have mixed feelings about a possible move. Some understand that Langerak wants to improve and join a big European club. Some go with Melbourne Victory and their strategy of not letting go talents for small money. We will see how this possible move develops.

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