It ain't over 'til it's over!

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We all dreamed that impossible dream. No more dreaming. A super solid Wolfsburg attacked ended Borussia's hot streak. Thursday evening somewhere in the middle of nowhere - the dream was over. 3-0 to the Wolves

Again some 6.000 fans travelled up to the "Mittellandkanal" in Wolfsburg, home to one of the bigger surprises in this outstanding Bundesliga-season. The Wolves still top of the table but with Bayern Munich within striking distance. A 4-1 loss in Stuttgart had seem them throw away their 3 point lead. The trouble surrounding Magath's departure to the enemy did not help the Wolves as well. Borussia however coming off a 7 wins-in-a-row-streak arrived in the satellite town as the hotly tipped outside favorite. For the first time all the wins had paid off the weekend before. A fifth place.

Before the game fans talked about how we could still manage to win the league. The biggest comeback ever! Or at least qualify for the Champions League. Just three more games in hand, just three more games to win. Who was to stop our team?

And again Klopp was able to field the same line-up, for the seventh time in a row. On the other side Misimovic and Schäfer were also cleared to play again. Lutz Wagner had been appointed as referee. Borussia was off to a good start. Owomoyela and Kuba outplayed their Wolfsburg opponents on the right flank and after 11 minutes they found Alex Frei in front of Bengalio's goal. His shot from 8m just went above the bar. And all of sudden his self-confidence was gone. On the other side some long balls did not find Dzeko but Weidenfeller. But it was the fourth try that did the trick. Dzeko for the first time in the match reached one of the great passes cut through our defense. He put the ball past Weidenfeller and into the net. A good game unfolded to the capacity crowd of 30.000. Borussia took command of the match again but it was the Wolves that were the more dangerous of two good teams. A Sahin mistake left our left defense wide open and with just three more touches the ball hit the back end of the net again. But Mr.Lutz Wagner exclusively saw an offside position. And exclusively he would see a handball by Subotic (yellow card), no handball by one of the Wolves after a Kuba cross (no penalty) and no foul against Santana in the box (no penalty). Still the teams left the pitch after a good first half with a somewhat deserved 1-0 lead to Wolfsburg

Borussia were still in this match when they got back onto the pitch but with just some three minutes played they were out of it. One of the very rare Owomoyla mistakes made way for Grafite who from just inside the box beat Weidenfeller. 2-0. From then on the game was decided. Even with the black and yellows having more possession of the ball. They never found a way to put any pressure on the Wolfsburg defense. Kringe, who had come on late in the match, had the first shot at the Wolfsburg goal after some 80minutes. The biggest news was sad news from the other stadiums. Hertha were 2-0 up against FC Köln and about to put seven points between us and them. And the saddest news was about to come from Kevin Prince Boateng. Just a couple of minutes on the pitch the Berlin-born Boateng kungfu-jumped into little Japanse player Hasebe and hit his head. For Hasebe the match was over and for Boateng the season had ended. Maybe even his stint in Dortmund? Who knows? Boateng might be off to Spurs next season from where he was loaned during the winter break. Wolfsburg then scored another goal late in the match. Dzeko again! And the game, which had been stopped for two big injury brakes during the second half, ended after exactly 90 minutes. Our luck, the Wolfsburg fans now were disgusted by Wagner as well. Some of the worst refeering seen in a long time (maybe since Wagner did the job in the first half of the season against Scheiße in the now legendary 3-3).

So: No biggest comeback ever. And with the other results on Wednesday (Hamburg beating Bochum and Stuttgart beating Scheiße) we might have to settle for sixth place and just outside the European spots this season. But even Rocky Balboa did not win his biggest comeback ever but spoke true words when he said: "It ain't over ‘til it's over". We have two more games to go. And maybe this great season for Borussia still turns into an outstanding season. Bielefeld next. Last time we crushed them 6-1. Let's do it all over again!

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