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Jürgen Klopp to leave Borussia at the end of the season!

15.04.2015, 14:35 Uhr von:  Redaktion
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Our beloved coach Jürgen Klopp just announced his retirement from his position at Borussia Dortmund.

After nearly 7 years a succesfull journey with 2 Bundesliga-Championship wins (2011 + 2012), 1 DFB-Pokal win (2012) and being in the final of the UEFA-Championsleague is coming to an end. The following quotes are directly from the press-conference that just ended and illustrate his reasons for leaving Borussia Dortmund at the end of this season. As we all still try to fathom his reasoning and the results of this decision it helps to hear/read his words, but it doesn't stop this day for feeling like the worst since a decade.

Watzke: "We have had talks with Jürgen these past days, because he wanted to. After those we decided that this journey, which we are successfully taking together since 7 years is at an end. We all want to keep the big picture at the BVB in our focus. We noticed that we have a special releationship to each other (editor's note: Watzke, Klopp and Zorc) that is defined by trust. This is one of the reasons why this step was so hard for us to take."

Zorc: "We lived a modern football fairy tale these last years, with Jürgen as a main actor."

Zorc (direclty to Klopp): "You gave this Club and myself a lot of energy and optimism and for that I thank you. Our BVB should give you a farewell that will be suitable to those last 7 years."

Klopp: "I always said that in the moment when I get the feeling that I am no longer the perfect coach, then I would say it. I kept engaging myself with that question and recognized that I can't answer that question with a firm "yes" anymore. Therefore I felt it was my duty to tell Aki about it. In past years a lot of decisions were made too late and that's why there was a lot of pressure in retrospect. I wanted to circumvent that with this decision. It is a decision in a story in which I absolutely believe in. This club deserves the 100 percent correct coach and to be coached like that in every situation. I feel like it is too early for Thanksgivings and when this press conference is over I will be bvb-coach with 100% and prepare the game against Paderborn."

Klopp (the future): "It is not that I am tired. I don't have any contact to any other club, but I also don't intend to do a sabbat year even though this is quite possible in my line of work."

Klopp (the team): "I have and had no problems with the team. But I believe, that Borussia Dortmund needs a change and if I stayed a lot of different thing would have needed to change. There is no gap between me and my players and there won't be one now! Nobody has any fault in me leaving!"

Klopp (how he noticed that he is not the right coach anymore): "You ask yourself that question more than you would normaly do, that's how it starts. The name Klopp was bigger in this club than it could have done justice to it. That prevented the BVB from using all it's potential. Thats why I had to go."

Okay now you now what happend. In short he feels like he is no longer the right coach for this club and the club stands above everything, above every single person. And he feels like another person can fit that role better than him. He also said that he wants to end this season and his career at Borussia Dortmund with the best possible standing in the Bundesliga, with joy and on top of a truck driving around the Borsigplatz (winning the DFB-Pokal). Once we are not so stunned anymore we will release further statements and our opinion of reasons and what's to come.

so far BORUSSIA!

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