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Usually a match between Bayern München and Borussia Dortmund would be a blockbuster, but what is normal in 2013/2014? Not only a tough Champions League matchday lies behind, but also the important DFB-Pokal semifinal ahead. Furthemore and as if this was not enough, Bayern München are in a record-setting season that made them title-winners already weeks ago. This is why a match with lower brisance seems to be up next on Saturday evening.

A similar undertone was predominant during yesterday's media conference in which it became clear, that a specific rotation of players must not be a figment. "First we have to see if someone has sustained an injury and afterwards I'll put up a starting XI. I haven't decided yet. By now it seems that every player will be able to play, nevertheless we have to take care of other things during a season, too. We'll watch which of our players are able to play and which of them needs to rest," Jürgen Klopp said. Furthermore he added ironical: "It's just a sensational point in time for this kind of match."

While our coach did not mention a rotation directly, it became clear between the lines: "After the elimination against Real Madrid our only opportunity for a participation in a final is on Tuesday. Nevertheless we could gain three points on Saturday that would help us a lot, still this grasp of Madrid and Wolfsburg is unfavorable. We really don't want to give away these three points but we won't take a risk in terms of our players." Ahead of a - in footballing terms - really promising match both sides seem to be aware of the lower importance, even I can feel personally. So what am I suggesting?

One motivating approach could be the fact, that FC Bayern München dominated and destroyed nearly every team in the Bundesliga in an outstanding way. Even though the match during the first half of the season seemed to be obvious in respect of the final scoreline, Borussia Dortmund was able to keep up with FCB - although they were struck by an injury crisis. Would it not be nice to run rings around the champion? Unfortunately the upcoming semifinal against Wolfsburg becomes an issue again at this point. A convenient time would be much more thankful for all participants.

Hower, this odd seeming feeling of unimportance cannot be denied. Maybe the players will put me right, a motivational push for them will surely be the match against Real Madrid. "After the game some players had tearful eyes, but not because of sweat. You recognized that the team wanted to reach the semifinal with might and main. If you want something desperately and are not disappointed after you didn't achieve it, something is wrong. My team would have taken everything that had opened them a chance," Klopp told.

Nevertheless, it's another experience no one will take away from the whole club. "It's my task to pin down certain things, in this case it means that everyone knows that he has to be proud. Because this performance was oustanding. The elimination didn't affect our self-confidence. In fact we just didn't play that well in Madrid and we know who's responsible for that. If you've got a bad starting situation you still have to do everything you can. This match is going to stick in our memories forever, it was special. That's probably the best a match can do," the coach stated.

So, if anyone of you has found my motivation until Saturday, feel free to contact me!

Possible Lottery Line-Ups:

FC Bayern München: Neuer - Rafinha, Martinez, Boateng (van Buyten), Alaba (Salahi) - Schweinsteiger (Lahm), Kroos - Robben (Müller) , Götze, Ribery - Mandzukic (Pizarro).

Substitute's Bench: Zingerle, Sallahi, van Buyten, Höjbjerg, Müller, Lahm, Pizarro, Weiser.

Borussia Dortmund: Weidenfeller - Großkreutz, Friedrich, Sokratis, Durm - Kirch - Hofmann, Jojic, Aubameyang, Ducksch - Schieber.

Substitute's Bench: Langerak, Piszczek, Hummels, Sarr, Kehl, Mkhitaryan, Reus, Sahin, Lewandowski.

All information is subject to change!

Referee: Zwayer (Berlin)

Kickoff: 12th of March 2014 - 6.30. P.M. CET.

Attendance: Allianz Arena, 71,137 (sold-out)

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