The Trial

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AuswärtsblockI am panting when I finally reach the court building. The traffic was heavy and I couldn’t find a parking space anywhere near, so I was running and still I am late. Before the building, there is a huge crowd of reporters, journalists, paparazzi and other predators gathered around a man in a tie that could only be a lawyer. They are shouting questions at him: “Was the verdict predictable?” – “What will be your next steps?” – “Will Mr. Hoeness give a press statement?” – “Are you considering to appeal?” – “Will he really have to go to prison immediately?”.

I try to force my way through the crowd and when I finally succeed, I’m standing in a completely empty and quiet court. The heavy oak doors are all closed and not a single step is to be heard on the marble. But I have no time to enjoy the sudden silence, I’m nervously looking around until I find the right door. It takes quite some power to force the heavy oak to open, but fortunately the trial hasn’t started yet, so no-one hears the creak of the door. When I finally found my place to sit, still a little panting, the judge enters the room.In front of him, with his back towards me, there’s the defendant. To the right side of the judge, the prosecutor stands up in order to read the charges. Compared to the circus outside, it’s just a small thing, but for me it is so much more important. “Defendant, you are accused of aggravated theft and assault. How do you plead?” – “Not guilty, your honour.” Murmurs start in the court room. How is it possible to plead not guilty? There were 50’000 witnesses of the theft, millions have seen the pictures. It was a set case and still he had the guts to plead not guilty. I was trying to calm myself down, not thinking that he may also tries to fool the court by saying he was certifiable. Even though he would possibly stand more chance with that than by trying to make the court believe he was innocent.
HummelsThe prosecutor continuous with a blank expression: “On the 5th of October 2013, you have been seen by some 50’000 people how you robbed and beat a hard working man. All witnesses unanimously stated that you took the corpus delicti that was rightfully in possession of the victim. There is video footage that shows unambiguous that he neither gave it to you of his own free will nor lost it by accident. Further, one can also see that you willingly hurt the victim. And still you claim to be not guilty?” The defendant has a really good story, one I would have laughed at wouldn’t it not have been so sad. He starts telling: “Sir, when the so-called victim came to me that day, he had the corpus delicti with him. I have seen it in his pocket and I admit that I liked it very much, but it was still in his possession when he wanted to leave. But then, I fell over my own feet by accident. In my fall, I grabbed his pocket and accidentally took the corpus delicti. I fell with my head on a chair and lost my conscience as did the victim. When we both woke up, we laughed at it and said our good-byes, neither one of us realizing that I still had the corpus delicit.”
“Mr. Favre, you should have become a story teller”, the judge interrupts him, “but for the brothers Grimm you are 200 years too late! Why didn’t you give back the corpus delicti once you realized that you still had it?”
The defendant unbelievably also has an answer to this question: “Your honour, I didn’t realize that I had it until I was arrested.” The prosecutor interrupts him immediately: “Still on the same day, many witnesses talked to you about it and the police showed you the video footage. There is no point in lying to the court! To give you a clearer picture, your honour, the victim would like to say a few words as well.”

Klopp und FavreMr. Klopp stands up and walks to the witness stand with firm steps. “I had a hard time after the robbery.”, he states with a clear voice and a little twinkle in the eye “It wasn’t actually that I lost the three points that I really cared about. It was more the physical pain of the assault that really lasted with me for quite some time. Only the past couple of weeks, I am feeling better again.”
I am impressed. With only little words, he could make his case very clear and also the judge seems convinced: “I will pronounce the sentence, this case is clear. Mr. Favre, I declare you guilty of aggravated theft and assault and I convict you to pay back your debts and give back the three points you have stolen no later than Saturday. I further convict you to spend your life in mediocrity and relegation danger. You may appeal within 6 months. The session is closed.”
I’m happy. I finally got the revenge I have been looking for. And we can really use the points.

Borussia Dortmund: Weidenfeller - Piszczek, Sokratis, Hummels, Schmelzer - Kehl, Sahin - Aubameyang, Hofmann, Großkreutz -Lewandowski

Borussia Mönchengladbach: ter Stegen - Korb, Jantschke, Stranzl, Daems - Kramer, G. Xhaka - Herrmann, Arango - Raffael, M. Kruse

Referee: Aytekin

Stadium: Westfalenstadion, sold out

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