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The 2007-feeling

04.12.2014, 23:18 Uhr von:  Nadja
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It was some time in minute 80 in the Waldstadion in Frankfurt. Just a few seconds ago, Ginter and Weidenfeller have - not for the first time this season - decided a Bundesliga game against Borussia Dortmund with strange slapstick comedy.

The capos climbed off the fence, the Ultras packed their flags. For the remaining ten minutes, the away stand that has been really loud and passionate until that moment was standing in silence. Completely. No murmur, no complaints, no word. Just silence. The mood changed. It was that one last straw that broke the camel's back.
When people feel powerless, they get angry. At that moment, it doesn't matter at whom or what or why, one has to shout it out. The middle fingers and swear words that hit the startled and obviously surprised players after the final whistle where just that.

I, for my part, was just staring into the whole, shocked. It was the moment that I realized that all the whitewashing and hope of the past weeks was over, also for me. We were fighting relegation now and we wouldn't get out of it too soon or too easy. The certainty slowly began to soak through.

I spent the Monday in complete consternation. Due to a heavy sleep deficit also with uncontrolled weeping (yes, I admit, I'm a major weeper!).
After a long night and some good sleep, another insight hit me on Tuesday: life goes on.

For the first time in a long time, there is something more in football than only the gap to Bayern, the transfer rumours and the seldom little disappointments about a lost point.

And then, at once, the 2007-feeling came back. Not the one of the bad games, the worse results and the seemingly always bad weather. (We have had that for a while now...) No, the feeling of the stand. Of the big masses of all different people that become one. Of the certainty that we can relegate to the second division, but that wouldn't change a thing. Of the awareness that we are unbeatable, even if we lose all the time. And especially of the knowledge that nothing and nobody could ever unsettle this, because we have beaten death two years ago and nothing would ever be as bad as the 14th of March 2005.

And when I started to read Facebook and other media again on Wednesday, I realized that it wasn't only me who had had a flashback of the 2007-feeling.

The players who have almost shily begged for support in their social media posts. The players that have been insulted and booed in Frankfurt. They do not have to be afraid. I have never been so sure that the atmosphere in the next home game would be great as I am now.

Because the 2007-feeling is back. And somehow, football and fighting relegation almost feels good again.

Let it finally be Friday!!!

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