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Shoot us again…

28.09.2014, 20:08 Uhr von:  Redaktion
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...we ain’t dead yet. Although it feels like something came to an end after the Arsenal match. Only one point out of the last two matches – matches against the worst teams:

1: Stuttgart being bottom of the table until yesterday.

2: Sch*lke being bottom of the sympathy table for the past 100 years.

Of course, the situation is not as bad as in pre-Klopp era but it hasn’t felt much worse at any time of Kloppo’s reign. And whenever there are times of football misery you need someone to give you hope that things will get better. “We’ll back. It might take a while, but we’ll be back!”, Klopp said after yesterday’s match. This is could be some kind of a barren run which feels especially hard when coming from successful times in the past. But it will turn around to something better!

The devastating defeat against the suburb of Gelsenkirchen started like a nightmare. The first minutes already suggested what will happen. Blue-white being awake and willing to win pressurised us and the first corner kick happened to be the first bullet hitting all black and yellows in the heart. Hummels starting for the first time this season, alongside Subotic which was one of the best centre-back duos until Subotic got injured ten months ago. Both being back side-by-side and yet none of them felt responsible for Matip (by the way the tallest bloke of Sch*lke), header: 1-0. Just 13 minutes later there was another corner kick and that nervous feeling arose again. This time, Weidenfeller was able to handle the ball. He got it outside the box to Ramos who just had to clear it. Instead, Ramos somehow managed to get it back into the box where the completely unmarked Choupo-Moting had no trouble to score again. Klopp said “Both goals felt like friendly fire”. And that is exactly the point. It is a theme of this season to invite other teams to score against us. Blackouts, own goals or just disorientation, nobody knows why.

Things didn’t stay that bad but got worse ultimately. Being assisted by Ramos, Aubameyang was able to score which only left us one goal down. A certain hope was arising and the team built a bit more pressure, yet, still not stable in the defence! Time was ticking and the 65 minutes after Aubameyang’s goal felt like just five. All attacks were just not good enough. The players didn’t really connect. Quite normal with all the injured players, you might think. But if you’ve already conceded two, there is a lot more needed. We could / should have gotten a penalty and Ramos’ leg was proven 5cm too short, so the equaliser was in reach but yet far away. In the end there is zero points, another two goals against us and the emptiness a defeat against Herne-West leaves for half a season.

We’ll be back – hopefully soon!

Line-Up and statistics

S 03+1: Fährmann – Aogo, Matip, Neustädter, Uchida – Höger (Ayhan, 79th), K.-P. Boateng (Fuchs, 71st) – Sam (Clemens, 37th), M.Meyer, Choupo Moting - Hunterlaar

Borussia Dortmund: Weidenfeller – Durm, Hummels (Sokratis, 80th), Subotic, Piszczek – Ginter, Bender – Großkreutz (Jojic, 69th), Aubameyang, Ramos – Immobile (Kagawa, 57th)

Goals: 1-0 Matip (10th), 2-0 Choupo-Moting (23rd), 2-1 Aubameyang (26th)

Referee: Gagelmann (Bremen)

Bookings: Matip - Subotic

Attendance: 61,153 (sold out)

Seb, 28.09.2014

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