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One goal to rule em

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„ob es regnet oder schneit, scheiß egal zu jeder Zeit, Borussia Dortmund wir sind immer für dich da!“

The sentence above translates to “if it’s raining or snowing, we don’t give a fuck at what time, Borussia Dortmund we are always there for you!” I used to sing those words loud and proud in my youth when I and my fellow Borussia fans went to the away games against Bremen, my hometown. As a group of 3-5 we walked through the town and to the stadium, singing and chanting no matter what. This was around 10 years ago and it seems that at least some of us have forgotten the meaning of it. The sentence from above is a metaphor for what we Borussia fans always stood for and what made us popular Europe wide. We support our team no matter what, we don’t care about weather, and we especially don’t care about the opponent. We just support our boys. I was very happy to see the more than 4000 Borussia Fans in Hannover doing exactly what I always did as a kid and will always do; we stand with our team no matter what.

Of course this paid off, we won against Hannover 3:0. Ok let’s get into the game. The starting eleven of Dortmund looked a bit thrown together, since Marco Reus wasn’t yet ready to go for the full 90 minutes and Aubameyang just suffered a torn muscle before the game.

So Kirch started in midfield for our captain Sebastian Kehl, who later came onto the field for Nuri Sahin, Schmelzer, who will be out for at least 6 weeks, was replaced by Durm and Hofmann was placed into the starting eleven for Aubameyang. Aside from that nothing special happened before the game.

First Half

After I watched the first half I said to myself that I don’t even need to write a match report including the first 45 minutes, because nothing really happened. Don’t get me wrong Dortmund didn’t play too bad, but not too good either, but that was to be expected after yet another drop out from our team and Hannover did what they always do, waiting for a chance to do those fast counter attacks. Dortmund dominated the ball, but didn’t create any worth mentioning chances and Hannover just watched and waited. But we got 2 situations that I find important enough to write about. The first one was a shoot on goal onto the right post by Hoffmann (19.). Huszti circled a free kick into the penalty area. Durm wasn’t able to clear the ball correctly and so Hoffmann went for the shot. Luckily it was only the post he hit. The second situation is far more important since it meant the not undeserved, but unexpected 1:0 for us. A short kicked corner by Miki got the ball to Durm who crossed the ball onto the second post where Sokratis headed the ball into the feet of Mats Hummels who, directly in front of the goal, scored for 1:0 (44.). Half Time.

Second Half

“Mkhitaryan wins the ball close to Dortmund’s penalty area and passes the ball beautifully into the other half of the field right to Robert Lewandowski who started running on the left side of the field and catches up to the ball close to the Hannover penalty area. Robert looks up and runs past Hoffmann and into the penalty area then past Schulz and Pocognoli. In comes Sané, but he is just another flag pole for Lewandowski, he just rushed past the 4th Hannover player then Sakai runs in and tries a sliding tackle but Lewandowski takes the shot just in time and hammers the ball past Zieler and into the net (52.). GOAL GOAL GOAL!!!!” And what a goal it was, if you haven’t seen it go and watch the highlights. After that it seemed that Hannover lost their spirit. Dortmund had the game in full control and Hannover barely got into the danger zone with only 1 shot in the first 30 minutes of the second half. Our yellow boys controlled the tempo of the game and slowed it down and just temporarily pushed forward for some dangerous counter attacks which also resulted in the 3:0 by Marco Reus.

Mkhitaryan passes the ball right through the defending line of Hannover and into the running feet of Reus, who runs past Zieler and puts the ball into the net for the end result of 3:0 (90.).

I know this match report is really short, but aside from the things I mentioned above nothing really happened. I can't count the endless chances that our boys created but didn't use, because we used the chances that we were given. I can't tell you about any injuries or cards, because luckily none happened, aside from a yellow card for Hummels that has no concequences. The only thing left to say is that the men and women of Dortmund that were in the Stadium gave it their all to support this team and they paid it back tenfold. We are prepared for the upcoming match against Schalke, even though we could use at least 1-2 more starting players, and I am really looking forward to it.


Robert Lewandowski: "We have lost 2 times in a row, against Gladbach and Zenit - that is too much for Dortmund. We had to win today and we also have to win on Tuesday."

Jürgen Klopp: "Well you have seen the game, and we didn't see 22 players that played light footed, both teams had to work hard for different reasons in this game. We had some counter attacks that we didn't play too well, because then we could have scored the 3:0 faster. We were really happy about the result today, because the team took the game really professional and concentrated and that wasn't easy for any of us today."

Ron-Robert Zieler (Hannover 96): "The first half was decent, but nothing more. If you play against Dortmund it is not enough to play a bit football. We had a little too much respect against them and overall we should have done more today."

Borussia Dortmund: Weidenfeller - Piszczek, Sokratis, Hummels, Durm - Kirch, Sahin (66. Kehl) - Hofmann (68. Reus), Mkhitaryan, Groskreutz - Lewandowski (84. Schieber)

Hannover 96: Zieler- Schulz, Sakai, Pocognoli, Hoffmann - Stindl, Schmiedebach, Prib (73. Schlaudraff), Huszti, Bittencourt - Sané (59. Ya Konan)

Goals: Hummels (44.), Lewandowski (52.), Reus (90.)

Yellow Cards: Hummels - Sakai

Referee: Günter Perl

Attendance: 49.000 (sold out)

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