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We screw it up every time

14.12.2014, 19:46 Uhr von:  Redaktion
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"We always do the first step, against Gladbach or Hoffenheim and then we screw it up again and again." - Marcel Schmelzer

"A First half like this may never happen from us. We didn't have enough strength of purpose and that is, in a game that matters so much, the totally wrong way. The pressure is immense..." - Jürgen Klopp

As you can Imagine from the quotes from above I have to report once again about a loss of our beloved Borussia. And you can maybe also see from those statements, that once again our boys lacked something, something to make the difference and it seems that at the moment no one knows what it is, or if they (Klopp, Buvac, Zorc, the Players) know what it is, then they don't know how to repair it.

Sadly enough I can't even give you a long match report considering that Dortmund had nearly no chance to score a goal at all. Really I would love to point out all the good things that I saw in this game, to point out all the chances that we created and how fluently the ball was circulating in our lines, but I can't. There was not one shining beacon in this game that could give us hope for a change in our 2 remaining matches against Wolfsburg and Bremen. We are all looking forward to the winter break, but what Jürgen Klopp pointed out after the game diminished my hopes for a comeback in the second part of the season.

"The winter break does not heal everything."

Indeed it will not, but let's hope that it will heal enough wounds that our players can finally show the potential that they have as a single player as well as a team, which I have to point out once more, they already did this season. Ok so if you still want to read a short round up of the game against Hertha here it comes.

Dortmund started off with 5 modifications of the starting eleven. Kehl, Bender, Hummels, Aubameyang and Pyszczek replaced Kagawa, Sahin, Ginter, Durm and Großkreutz. None of these changes were suprises since Klopp has to manage injuries and energy of his players.

So what do you want to read for the first half? I have 2 scenes picked out and you won't like either of them. The first happened at the 34th minute mark. Mkhitaryan had to be replaced by Blaszczykowski because of a self inflicted injury, at that time we didn't know that he would be unable to play for the next 8 weeks. The main protagonist of the second scene was our former striker Schieber. Subotic was passing the ball to Kuba who was immediatly challanged by 2 Hertha players of which one intercepted the pass. The following pass from Skjelbred was received by Schieber who directly dashed towards the goal. Hummels tried to tackle him but failed. After that he somehow moves past Kehl and shoots for goal. No chance for Langerak.

The Second half wasn't much better, but at least we created some chances. A shot by Immobile was parried by Kraft (65.) and it was the first commendable chance for us. A corner kick from Schmelzer was headed onto goal by Hummels (73.), but again was saved by Kraft. In the last 5 minutes it was then Immobile who could have equalized for us 2 times. The first was a header directly into the arms of Kraft, but admittedly was hard to make more of (85.). And the second chance was another header a cross from the left side found Immobile who headed the ball, with no enemy in sight, wide. However Immobile was one of the better players today and even though he could have scored a very important goal he was an example of the fighting spirit that is still in our team. Of course Hertha was only there to destroy football and they did nothing to promote the game we love, but they won and therefore did everything right.

Last but not least I have to write something about us, the fans. The one that have been in the stadium were again memorable. The whole 90 minutes you could hear them screaming and chanting, pushing our boys forward. It was again a feast for the ears and the hearth of every Borussia fan. Even after the game was over they immediatly tried to cheer the boys up trying to give them back the courage they so desperatly need. Of course some displeasure was voiced and jerseys were thrown back to the players, however the mood quickly changed back to be supportive. Let's hope that the next match against Wolfsburg on wednesday will have a different outcome and that the boys can give us back some hope.


Borussia Dortmund: Langerak – Piszczek, Subotic (83. Sahin), Hummels, Schmelzer – Bender, Kehl (46. Ramos) – Mkhitaryan (35. Kuba), Gündogan, Aubameyang – Immobile

Hertha BSC: Kraft - Schulz, Brooks, Hegeler, Pekarik - Ben-Hatira (69. Van den Bergh), Skjelbred (70. Hosogai), Ronny (82. Lustenberger), Niemeyer, Beerens - Schieber

Goal: Schieber (40.)

Referee: Günter Perl

Yellow Cards: Brooks (72.) - Piszczek (50.)

Viewers: 76.190 (sold out)

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