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You vs. the editors - score of match day 24

12.03.2014, 10:58 Uhr von:  Redaktion

After our prediction game went into a short break of two weeks, it was back for match day 24 when our editor veramariko faced Neve from Scotland. Before this matchday, the editor's lead, which was shortened over the last weeks, was still at 12-9, so let's see how that changed this weekend. As always, we start with the predictions of our readers. Remember that three points are awarded for picking the exact results, two points for the right goal tendency and one point for picking the right winner or a draw.

Neve's predicitions/actual result/points

Gladbach –Augsburg: 2-2/1-2/0
Hamburg – Frankfurt: 1-0/1-1/0
Hannover – Leverkusen: 2-1/1-1/0
Sch**** - Hoffenheim: 1-2/4-0/0
Stuttgart - Braunschweig: 2-1/2-2/0
Wolfsburg – München: 0-3/1-6/1
Nürnberg – Bremen: 1-3/0-2/2
Freiburg – Dortmund: 0-5/0-1/1
Mainz - Berlin: 2-0/1-1/0

Total Score: 4 Points

Picking victories of our Borussia and Munich was not that hard, but Neve made a good call predicting a two-goal-away-victory of Werder in Nuremberg. Let's see if those four points are enough to beat veramariko.

Veramariko's predictions/actual result/points

Gladbach –Augsburg: 2-1/1-2/0
Hamburg – Frankfurt: 1-2/1-1/0
Hannover – Leverkusen: 3-2/1-1/0
Sch**** - Hoffenheim: 1-1/4-0/0
Stuttgart - Braunschweig: 3-1/2-2/0
Wolfsburg – München: 0-0/1-6/0
Nürnberg – Bremen: 0-2/0-2/3
Freiburg – Dortmund: 1-2/0-1/2
Mainz - Berlin: 3-0/1-1/0

Total Score: 5 Points

That was close! But Veramariko predicted the exact result for Bremen's away victory and thought of a one-goal-victory of Borussia in Freiburg. This gives her five points and one point more than Neve so that the editors are able to win match day 24! This leads to the following result for this season:

International Readers 9 - 13 Editors of

We are also looking for some readers to predict the upcoming match days. If you are interested, feel free to contact Vanni over Mail at

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