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A strange coincidence puts us into the following situation: This week, we played the quarter-final of the German Cup in Frankfurt. Four days later, the same EIntracht that we defeated with 1:0 on Tuesday will be guest in our Westfalenstadion on Saturday as it is the 21st day of the on-going Bundesliga season. And it is out of the question that there is only one aim: make the first home-victory after 4 winless performances in Dortmund in a row!

One cannot simply assume that the two matches will resemble each other, taking into consideration diverse factors like the atmosphere in the stadium, the different kinds of competitions, the personal situation, the motivation, and the new achieved experiences of Tuesday. Our head coach Jürgen Klopp sums up these aspects by pointing out that the deserved success in the Cup and the impressions the players got in the match nevertheless lead to the necessity of showing strength tomorrow. In case of changes in Frankfurt’s line up we will face a completely different opponent prompting a reaction of Borussia’s players. But Klopp already envisaged the possible variation of Eintracht’s strategy and therefore speculated on the creation of a different plan to insist against the 12th-placed.

The initial situation in numbers seems to be clear: the BVB stands on rank 3, while Frankfurt on place 12 still is in the range of possible relegation battlers. The statistic of former matches also present an unambiguous image: the BVB won 38 matches against Eintracht Frankfurt. This is more than against any other club in the League. In contrast to the supposedly

Auba and Großkreutz
superiority of Dortmund stand the recent results of home-matches. They mostly ended up unluckily for the BVB and really caused slight sorrows among the supporters. The challenge of making the way out of this negative trend is even more aggravated when regarding Frankfurt’s strength in away games. They gained more points in foreign stadiums than in their own. Apart from possible speculations about the outcome of the game, the statistics also serve to show us that encounters of these two clubs are almost never boring. Only once in history there was a goal-less draw. The average goal-amount of 3, 2 per match makes clear that the match is likely to become a great fight again, although the last one some days ago was not that spectacular.

On Saturday we will be spectators of a completely different match, also caused by the fact that Bender and Reus have a small chance of returning into the squat, while Hummels, Subotic, Gündogan and Kuba are still waiting and working for there come-back on the field. In addition, Frankfurt will be highly motivated to avoid the mistakes they made in the Cup this time. It is sure that they will invest everything to use each chance of scoring a goal they can get to please the 5.600 supporters coming from Frankfurt to Dortmund. Borussia’s players on the other side are of course willing not to disappoint the crowd in the

Westfalenstadion again. They see it as their duty to keep the 3 points at home, even if the match turns out to be unspectacular again, because in the present situation it is important to take all points you can get. Contact to the upper places can only be kept by victories and not by fascinating and overwhelming performances full of little feats and demonstrations of dribbling-skills that in the end, bring no points.

To point out the main important aspects for the upcoming match, you can really say that the top priority is the victory. A déjà-vu of Tuesday would not be bad, even though it really was not a completely convincing performance of us. It is important that the team on the field is able to adapt to the changing conditions and the strategy of our opponent. It is not important to show all big plays our players have in repertoire. From my point of view, a repetition of Tuesday would sufficient, so just push the button and replay!

Possible line-ups:

Borussia Dortmund:

Weidenfeller - Piszczek, M. Friedrich, Sokratis, Schmelzer - Kehl, Sahin - Aubameyang, H. Mkhitaryan, Großkreutz – Lewandowski

Coach: Klopp

Eintracht Frankfurt:

Trapp - S. Jung, Madlung, Russ, Djakpa - Rode, Weis - Aigner, Meier, Barnetta – Rosenthal

Coach: Veh

Referee: Sippel

Stadium: Westfalenstadion (sold-out)

Kick-off: Saturday, 15.2.2014, 3:30 PM CET

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Hoffenheim – Stuttgart: 2:2 / 2:3

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