Two Victories Until Berlin

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DFB-Pokal Win
Two victories until Berlin. No more, no less. Tomorrow evening Borussia Dortmund is going to face Eintracht Frankfurt in the quarterfinal of the DFB-Pokal. Until today BVB showed immaculate performances during this year's DFB-Pokal campaign, another two wins would mean reaching the final in Berlin. We all remember it.

Nevertheless the club has to get over the newly injured players Reus and Bender, who will be sidelined for two and one week: "We still got enough players to form a promising squad. We want to return to Berlin - to play away against Frankfurt is a really huge hurdle. To transfer the momentum from Bremen to Frankfurt is one task, that's the standard for tomorrow," Klopp told. And so the coach even got something out of the continuing injury crisis: "In the meantime we learned to deal with these injuries. When one door closes another one opens for other players. We always have to make hard decisions, on Saturday Schieber and Kirch had to stay in Dortmund although they did nothing wrong, now they will return.

Marco Reus in Bremen
With losing two key players in Bremen, the task will not become easier. Although Eintracht Frankfurt lacked continuity in their performances during the second half of 2013, it seems like they have found back their strenght. "You've to play well to win against Eintracht. During the first half of the season Eintracht played pretty well in Bundesliga as well as Europa League. You cannot deny that they put themselves back on track, after they often didn't get the points they would have deserved in Bundesliga. The insecurity seems to be gone. We're going to face a really tough opponent that will stretch us to the limit," Klopp said on today's media conference. The coach furthermore added that he does clearly expect an exchange of blows, probably with guaranteed tension.

New signing Milos Jojic will have to keep waiting for his first starting XI appearance, Klopp disclosed. "Milos has trained well on Sunday morning, nevertheless we don't have to burn him out immediately. On Saturday it was time for Jonas Hofmann to get some minutes of play. Milos has got a lot of talent but needs to adapt to certain tactical processes It will happen but I've got the feeling, that we don't need to throw him in without being well attuned. He's an option for a lot of matches but tomorrow it's unlikely that he will start. Before you get me wrong: His performances are already really promising but he still needs some time," Klopp answered after being asked about the shape Jojic is in.

Sahin, Piszczek, Großkreutz
In general one could argue, that we do not have much to say at the moment. The newly injuries hurt but have already become daily routine during this curious campaign 13/14. Eintracht Frankfurt as well as the supporters are going to be really unpleasant, therefore it is wise to accept the upcoming fight and to get back to basics. Give everything and look what it is worth Black and Yellow boys. Two wins until Berlin - the first one tomorrow?

Possible Line-Ups:

Eintracht Frankfurt: Trapp - Jung, Zambrano, Russ, Djakpa - Schwegler - Rode, Flum - Meier - Aigner, Kadlec.

Borussia Dortmund: Langerak - Piszczek, Sokratis, Friedrich, Schmelzer - Sahin, Kehl - Aubameyang (Hofmann), Mkhitaryan, Großkreutz - Lewandowski

Substitute's Bench: Weidenfeller, Sarr, Kirch, Hofmann, Ducksch, Jojic, Schieber.

Referee: Kircher (Rottenburg)

Kickoff: 11th of February 2014 - 8.30. P.M. CET.

Attendance: Waldstadion, Frankfurt, 51,500 (sold out)

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