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The editors seem to run away in our prediction game battle against our international readers. The total score before last week's match day was 11 to 7 for our writers. Derek from the US looked to shorten the lead against Vanni who had nothing against a further expansion. Let's see how the two of them did, starting with Derek. Remember that three points are awarded for predicting the exact result, while two points will be given for picking the right goal tendency. Predicting the right winner (or a draw) will gain one point.

Derek's prediction/actual result/points

Braunschweig v. BVB 0-3/1-2/1
Hopp v. HSV 3-2/3-0/1
Leverkusen v. Stuttgart 2-1/2-1/3
GE v. Wolfsburg 1-3/2-1/0
Augsburg v. Werder 1-0/3-1/0
Mainz v. Freiburg 1-1/2-0/0
Hannover v. Gladbach 2-2/3-1/0
Hertha v. Nuremberg 1-1/1-3/0
Bayern v. Frankfurt 4-1/5-0/1

Total Score: 6 Points

Not bad. Derek picked the right result for Leverkusen's victory over Stuttgart and managed to gain three additional points with picking right winners in the other matches. Could Vanni gain more than these six points?

Vanni's prediction/actual result/points

Braunschweig v. BVB 1-3/1-2/1
Hopp v. HSV 1-1/3-0/0
Leverkusen v. Stuttgart 2-0/2-1/1
GE v. Wolfsburg 2-1/2-1/3
Augsburg v. Werder 1-1/3-1/0
Mainz v. Freiburg 2-1/2-0/1
Hannover v. Gladbach 1-2/3-1/0
Hertha v. Nuremberg 1-2/1-3/1
Bayern v. Frankfurt 2-0/5-0/1

Total Score: 8 Points

Another victory for our editors. Vanni predicted the victory of blue scum over Volkswagen and was right with several other predictions. Who can stop the editors in their recent run? The new score is as following:

International Readers 7 - 12 Editors

If you think you can shorten the editor's lead and want to take part in our prediction game, feel free to contact us at

Vanni, 07.02.2014

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