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Aubameyang after his first goalI won’t beat around the bush; we apologize that until now no article about our first Bundesliga match against Augsburg was found on our website. However we still wanted to give you a quick heads-up about the game and what happened. So let’s get straight to it.

And what an amazing game it was, especially for our newcomer Aubameyang who scored 3 goals in his first Bundesliga match. It was also him who directed our boys onto the way to win this match with his first of his three goals. A great and soft played cross into the penalty area by Marcel Schmelzer was received by Aubameyang and he scored for 1:0 with his head (24.). Augsburg defended, like Wilhelmshaven a few days earlier, with a lot of effort and discipline, but also tried to create their own chances with a lot of pressure and a fast uncomplicated offensive. Anyhow I can’t describe much more chances by Dortmund or Augsburg in the first half, because there were none to be worth it.

The fansHowever worth mentioning is the great atmosphere created by our supporters and I must know it, I was in the thick of it. Even people from Augsburg told us after the game that the chants and atmosphere created by us was amazing, worthy of a season opening! And the second half just fuelled us with more energy to support our boys in black and yellow, because Aubameyang who gave away a lot of chances in the DFB-Pokal was about to show us his potential.

In the second half Dortmund controlled the game. Augsburg who created a few dangerous situations in the first half had nearly no chance in the second. Borussia however created a lot of pressure for their defense. Aubameyang (50.) as well as Reus (63., 65.) tried to score, but either shot off goal, or were denied a hit by Augsburg’s goalkeeper Amsif. However those two mentioned players finally managed, in cooperation, to score for 2:0. Reus passed the ball inimitably into the running feet of Aubameyang and he like wisely scored his second goal beautifully (66.). The third goal was again served into the already running feet of our newcomer, this time by Lewandowski with a one-of-a-kind chip past three defenders into the open space. Aubameyang ran past the out of his goal hastening keeper and scored for 3:0 (79.), what an amazing hat-trick. In the 84. minute Hofmann, who came into play for the best player on the field, the 3 times scorer, was fouled in the penalty area. Lewandowski took the shot and hammered it into the net for the end result of 4:0 (85.).

After seeing this match we can look into the future with a lot of anticipation. Of course not everything was great, but overall our boys showed a good performance, not to mention the three amazing goals of Pierre. And we still haven’t seen Miki at all in a match that counts, so I can just follow the lead of Großkreutz, Nuri Sahin and Lewandowski when they independently from each other told us that this team is even better than the one from last season.

Upcoming next is a match against the just promoted team of Braunschweig. A game we have to win to further our cause and to manifest our place at the top of the Bundesliga.


Markus Weinzierl (Trainer FC Augsburg): "The result does really hurt. Even though the 0:4 doens't say that, we did compete well in the first 60 minutes and even had good opportunities to equalize. Our own faults made it too easy for BVB in the final stage of the game. I saw good approaches, but that's not enough. We have to improve ourselfs."

Jürgen Klopp (Trainer Borussia Dortmund): "It was a game against an extremely strong opponent, who performed confidently and who went into the duels quite roughly. You get problems, in those games, if u don't counter it. But we did that. Especially after the leading goal space was offered to us, which we used and therefore ended the game confidently and superior."

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (BVB): "That was a great start for me. The intensity of the Bundesleague is much greater than in the French Ligue 1, the game is much more intense. Our goal is to keep on working hard. Then we will see what's possible in this season."


Nürnberg: Amsif - Verhaegh, Callsen-Bracker, Klavan, Ostrzolek - Baier - Hahn (83. Vogt, Moravek, Altintop (77. Philp), Holzhauser (77. Vlachodimos) - Mölders

coach: Weinzierl

Borussia Dortmund: Langerak - Großkreutz, Subotic, Hummels, Schmelzer - Sahin, Bender - Aubameyang (81. Hofmann), Gündogan (57. Blaszczykowski), Reus - Lewandowski (88. Durm)

coach: Jürgen Klopp

Goals: 0-1 Aubameyang (24., Header, Schmelzer), 0-2 Aubameyang (66., right-footed, Reus), 0-3 Aubameyang (90., right-footed, Lewandowski), 0-4 Lewandowski (86., penalty, right-footed, Hofmann)

Referee: Knut Kircher

Attendance: 30660 (SGL-Arena Augsburg, sold out)

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