Achim, you are the prophet!

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It's April, 8th, Tuesday evening 7 o' clock. I'm on my way to the Westfalenstadion because today is our second Champions League match against Malaga. At the stop "Möllerbrücke" I am leaving the local train and on the platform I meet Achim. Achim, living in the same Dortmund suburb like me, is a person to whom I have only a nodding acquaintance. Sometimes we meet in the supermarket or at the station and mainly we talk about Borussia Dortmund. What else? And on this remarkable Tuesday it's the same business as usual.

„Achim – what will be the result for today"? I started our conversation. „It will be a win for us! Definitely, a win!" Achim replied. „But I think one thing will be for sure: today we will see a totally crazy match, comparable to our match in 1994 against La Coruna!"

La Coruna – yes, I remember the Spanish squad, one of our opposing teams in the UEFA Cup 1994/95, the former competition of today's Europe League. Borussia was nearly down and out but first Kalle Riedle and very close to the final whistle, Lars Ricken scored two goals and Borussia was qualified for the next round. It was a match nearby a heart attack. A heart attack for every Borussia fan who watched the match in our Westfalenstadion or on TV. Unforgettable! And such a match Achim is wishing for today? My prompt answer was: „No! Thank you Achim, I never want to see such a match again in my life, especially not for today! "Let's wait and see", Achim responded. „Today we will see a crime thriller, exciting until the last second!" After this sentence we both went separate ways. Achim crossed the street for a „pre-match discussion" at the pub „Bar Rock" and I entered the pub „Bürgermeister Lindemann" my favourite location for „pre-match discussions." As usually I met some friends at „Bürgermeister Lindemann" and we all discussed Achim's forecast of a heart attack match. There was absolute no disagreement. „NO! NEVER! That's not the match we want to see for today! We all don't need such a drama. Our preferred version for today's match is: one or two early goals for Borussia, after that a resigning team of Malaga and the rest of the match would be totally unspectacular and relaxed for us. In the end this would be a perfect semi final qualification for Borussia Dortmund.

A couple of hours later we all knew that our dreams would not come true. Malaga's Eliseu has just scored the 2:1 for his team in minute 82 and only 10 minutes will remain. Maybe, some additional minutes, because Malaga's team is now trying everything for interrupting Dortmund's efforts for a better result. A lot of viewers are leaving their seats, going directly to one of the exits. Some of them with frozen faces, others are railing against Dortmund's poor performance this evening. Yes, I confess I'm also thinking about a departure before the final whistle, but then I dismiss these thoughts. First reason: I paid 56 € for my seat this evening – too much money to watch only 80 minutes. Second reason: I remember Achim's forecasts about a thrilling match and a last-second-goal for Borussia. But now we need two goals to survive in the Champions league! After Marco Reus'2:2 equalizer hope returns. Is there any chance for a happy end? A third goal for Borussia? Will there be time
enough? Mats Hummels has joined the pitch and Felipe Santana has left his defender position. Now there's a lot of crush in Malaga's penalty box and suddenly Felipe Santana scored for Borussia. To be honest I haven't seen exactly how he did it, but during the following days we all have seen it very often on TV or on the internet. Inside the Westfalenstadion now thousands of viewers are in total ecstasy. Yellings and embracings everywhere I look. Unbelievable, a wonder in black and yellow! I am also embracing the grumbler behind me for the first time in my life. A Borussia supporter, but nicknamed „Matthias Sammer", because it seems that his only characteristic or duty is always to criticize. Never mind! Today is a special day and we all have seen Borussia Dortmund's new born hero: Felipe Santana. Of course there are a lot of black and yellow heroes but no doubt, today Felipe joined this club!

And beside Felipe Santana it is important and necessary to honour and respect the king of forecasts: Achim, the one and only champion of prognoses! Achim, maybe you will read this report within the next days. Here's my forecast for you: If we will meet next time be sure to drink one beer on my account! No, much better! Three beers, each one for the three goals of Borussia Dortmund on this fantastic and unforgettable Tuesday!

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