Time for Revenge!

25.10.2013, 22:07 Uhr von:  Redaktion

Defeated twice is the result of last season’s Derby-Haul. For a Dortmund-Fan a rather unpleasant truth that needs proper adjustment as soon as possible: now! Luckily enough there is a Derby right in front of our door, basically in the ugliest (even not Dortmund-Fans say so) town of the world, where the world is grey and dull- and the last proper success light years away.

The past years were glorious for us black and yellow ones. We won the Bundesliga title twice in a row, even reached the “Double” in 2012 and played a very successful year in the Championsleague. Besides the glorious athletic achievements, we also re-established ourselves financially- something our blue neighbours are actually still dreaming of at the moment. And so it seems as if us Dortmund Fans are in a far better place than our unwanted neighbours- if there hadn’t been those two unpleasant incidents last season. For which we now want revenge. We gave those games away in such a silly way- I am sure that this will not happen again. Be aware blue and white!

The past week was a very successful one for us. We had to face a tough game in London on Tuesday which had cost us a lot of strength. Arsenal was the predicted difficult opponent and our 2:1 victory was a tough fight and after all a victory that held a tiny bit of luck in it but was still deserved due to a very good conversion of chances. Something Dortmund usually lacks.

Our unwanted neighbours, however, had to face another team from London- Chelsea. As contrasted with us, though, they played at home and got beaten out of their own stadium. Chelsea dispatched them with a 3:0 defeat and the blue ones had to once again find out that they truly are rubbish. One has to wonder all the time how in the world they always get this far. Is the rest of the Bundesliga really that bad that the blue ones so often manage to play on the really big stage as well? Terrible.

Tomorrow is a very important day. For many reasons: first of all, as a Dortmundfan the Derby is probably the most important game of the years- or let’s say: one of the two most important games of the year. Of course there is always a group of people who is happy once this day is over since all this nervwracking talk is too much for them, but as a fan in the stadium once pointed out on a poster “Derby-Victory is like a championship”- and so it remains. But furthermore the game tomorrow is an important one in general. Almost one third of the season is played and it looks close at the top of the table. Leverkusen is close, Bayern ahead- we shouldn’t waste points at the moment, and definitely not against our unwanted neighbour.

It looks like most of our players are healthy again and there were no bigger injuries in the game against Ajax. Also Mats Hummels will be able to play again after having completed his punishment for the red card against Gladbach.On the other side there is a question mark behind Jones and Boateng and I wouldn’t mind if those two lumberjacks would miss the game tomorrow.

Come on Ballspielverein- we don’t need to tell you anymore what this game means to us fans! Make us happy and take those three points home with you, we will keep our fingers crossed- as always!

And this weeks scores will be bet by Neil Moors from Dover and me!

Neil's scores:

Bayern- Hertha: 3: 0

Blue- BVB: 1:2

Leverkusen- Augsburg: 2:0

Hannover- Hoppenheim: 2:2

Mainz- Braunschweig: 3:0

Wolfsburg- Bremen: 2:1

Freiburg- Hamburg: 1:1

Gladbach- Frankfurt: 2:0

Ida's scores:

Bayern- Hertha: 3: 1

Blue- BVB: 1:3

Leverkusen- Augsburg: 3:0

Hannover- Hoppenheim: 3:1

Mainz- Braunschweig: 2:0

Wolfsburg- Bremen: 1:1

Freiburg- Hamburg: 1:2

Gladbach- Frankfurt: 1:2

Possible Lineup

BVB: Weidenfeller - Großkreutz, Subotic, Hummels, Schmelzer - S. Bender, Sahin - Aubameyang, H. Mkhitaryan, Reus – Lewandowski

Substitutes: Langerak, Durm, K. Günter, Kirch, Sokratis, Blaszczykowski, Hofmann, Ducksch, Schieber

Coach: Klopp

Blue ones: Hildebrand - Uchida, Höwedes, Matip, Aogo - Neustädter, J. Jones - K.-P. Boateng, M. Meyer, Draxler – Szalai

Substitues: Fährmann, Unnerstall, Ayhan, Erdmann, Felipe Santana, Fuchs, Hoogland, Kolasinac, Clemens, Goretzka

Coach: Keller

Referee: Kircher (Rottenburg)

Ida, 25.10.13

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