A Perfect Weekend

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When six Irish guys from Dublin taking a trip to Germany and their plan is to watch a football match in Dortmund’s mighty Westfalenstadion it’s the guarantee that Saturday will not be boring! And exactly that happened this matchday when our Borussia welcomed the team of SC Freiburg.

Des, Peter, Glen, Colm, Chris and Maurice are all working at a bank in Dublin and my friends and me purchased them tickets for the match. Two hours before the kick off we met our Irish friends at the pub “Bürgermeister Lindemann”. Without a doubt the best place for a more or less detailed pre-discussion. The boys from Dublin spent the night before in Düsseldorf and in spite of the fact that they didn’t get very much sleep they all were in best mood expecting the match. The weather was fantastic, so we decided to stay outside the pub and dicussed about Borussia, the Bundesliga and BVB’s next Champions League match on Tuesday against Marseille. Most of our Irish guests sympathise with FC Liverpool or Manchester United. And of course Shinji Kagawa’s role only on ManU’s bench was also part of our discussion.

It was surprisingly how well they were informed about the Bundesliga and a lot of players in the league. “Will Nuri Sahin stay in Dortmund?” “What about Robert Lewandowski?” “Will he change to Bayern Munich?” “We heard that Borussia’s fans will often sing “You’ll never walk alone”. Will they sing it perhaps today?” “Borussia’s Südtribüne is singing it before every match! Be sure you will hear it today” we replied. All these questions and answers had been a good preparation for the 90 minutes inside the Westfalenstadion. On our way to the stadium we stopped at a market stall for BVB souvenirs and the Dublin boys bought some items in black and yellow. That’s not only positive for Borussia’s merchandising turnover, it’s also a good feeling that the number of BVB- scarfs and caps in Dublin is still increasing.

And what happened on the green? Now we all know, it was a 5:0 win of Borussia Dortmund against Freiburg. And to be honest it was a deserved win with this gap of five goals!

After a very early shock when Borussia’s defender Sven Bender injured his shoulder in the first minutes, Dortmund clearly dominated the match. Before Marco Reus’ first goal in minute 35, many viewers sitting next to me compared the match with Borussia’s apperance in the cup on Tuesday in Munich: A Black ‘n’ Yellow powerplay only in one direction but no goal for Dortmund. The deserved 2:0 in minute 45+2 after a penalty when Diagne brought down Lewandowski made it clear to everyone: Today’s winning team could only be Borussia Dortmund. In the second half against 10 Freiburgers (red card for Diagne) Sven Bender was replaced by Oliver Kirch. Two goals by Robert Lewandowski (minute 58 and 70) provided proof that the “never ending story” about his future left him unimpressed during this match. Kuba, who replaced Mkhitaryan in minute 62 scored the 5:0 in minute 79. Sorry Freiburg, there was really no chance for your team today. A special praise for Kevin Grosskreutz: He didn’t score but his workload against Freiburg was absolutely excellent. Hopefully Jogi Löw agrees to this.

At last here’s a comment of Freiburg’s coach Christian Streich about the match: “If I wouldn’t be Freiburg’s coach today I would have enjoyed the match.”

That doesn’t need more explanations!

So a perfect Saturday ended for all Borussia fans and also for our guests from Dublin who had to return after the match to their hotel in Düsseldorf. They saw a great match, five goals and our impression was that they also liked Dortmund’s Pils beer. Maybe further visits will follow and dear boys from Dublin you can be sure: You always will be welcome! And why not hearing “You’ll never walk alone” again in Dortmund’s Westfalenstadion?

Henry, 30.09.2013

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