Beat the Editors! Round three!

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It is time for another round of "Beat the Editors!". Already? you may ask yourselves. Yes! Due to Munichs unfortunately rather succesful year last season, they have other duties on upcoming Friday than playing in the Bundesliga. Hence, their game against Freiburg is already on today and we thought: every point is important, so let's start the guessing on a Tuesday already and see what is going to happen on the weekend as well.

We would like to apologize for the missing "Beat the Editors" game last weekend. Unfortunately there was a misunderstanding in who was to guess and how the game works. So let's hope this week will make up for that with a lot of interesting guesses.

Playing this week are James from Glasgow, Scotland on the side of the international fans and Maurice aka. Der Junge mit dem Ball on the side of the editors!
And here are their guesses.

James from Glasgow:

Freiburg- Bayern 2:1

Gladbach- Bremen 1:3

Hannover- Mainz 1:3

Wolfsburg- Hertha: 1:2

Nürnberg- Augsburg: 2:1

Hamburg- Braunschweig: 0:2

Scheisse- Leverkusen: 0:4

Stuttgart- Hoffenheim: 3:1

Frankfurt- Dortmund: 1:4

Der Junge mit dem Ball for the Editors:

Freiburg- Bayern: 2:2

Gladbach- Bremen: 2:1

Hannover- Mainz: 1:1

Wolfsburg- Hertha: 2:1

Nürnberg- Augsburg: 2:0

Hamburg- Braunschweig: 3:1

Scheisse- Leverkusen: 2:1

Stuttgart- Hoffenheim: 2:1

Frankfurt- Dortmund: 1:3

This should be a very interesting game! James and Maurice both guessed the scores very differently. So let's see how this will turn out!

Ida, 27.08.2013

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