Beat the Editors - Score of the first match day: A tough loss

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The Bundesliga has just started and BVB fans can be happy with the 4-0 away victory in Augsburg. However, the editors of are not happy with the results of the first match day of our prediction game "Beat the editors!". Editor Ida faced Dominic from Ireland who sent in nine predictions for the first nine matches of the Bundesliga season. Here is what he predicted and how many points he got (3 points for betting the correct result, 2 points for the correct goal differenz, 1 point for the right tendency (Home Win, Draw, Away Win):

Dominic's predictions/actual results/points

Bayern Munich - Gladbach 3:1/3:1/3
Leverkusen - Freiburg 3:0/3:1/1
Hannover - Wolfsburg 2:2/2:0/0
Augsburg - Dortmund 0:3/0:4/1
Hertha - E. Frankfurt 1:2/6:1/0
Hoffenheim - Nuremberg 1:0/2:2/0
Braunschweig - Bremen 0:0/0:1/0
Mainz - Stuttgart 1:1/3:2/0
Schalke - Hamburg 2:2/3:3/1

Total Score: 6 Points

Dominic started very well with the correct prediction for the match between German champion Bayern Munich and Borussia Mönchengladbach. Furthermore, he gained some small points with predicting the right winner in the matches of Leverkusen, Borussia and the tie in GE. Let's see how Ida did.

Ida's predictions/actual results/points

Bayern Munich - Gladbach 3:0/3:1/1
Leverkusen - Freiburg 2:1/3:1/1
Hannover - Wolfsburg 1:2/2:0/0
Augsburg - Dortmund 0:2/0:4/1
Hertha - E. Frankfurt 1:1/6:1/0
Hoffenheim - Nuremberg 2:1/2:2/0
Braunschweig - Bremen 1:1/0:1/0
Mainz - Stuttgart 2:1/3:2/2
Schalke - Hamburg 2:1/3:3/0

Total Score: 5 Points

Ida's best predictions was calling a Mainz victory over Stuttgart with a one goal lead, but she only collected three more points with the victories of Munich, Leverkusen and Borussia. This sums up to five Points in total which is not enough to beat Dominic. Therefore, the first score in the eternal match-up between readers and editors is:

Readers of vs. Editors of 1:0

Next week, JungemitdemBall will try to equalise against one of our readers. If you are also interested in predicting the match-ups of the Bundesliga to gain glory and honor, please feel free to contact us at

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