Matchday-Scores betting-game! You vs. the Editors!

06.08.2013, 11:45 Uhr von:  Redaktion
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Dear all,

the new season is right ahead of us and we, the editors of, have a favour to ask- we would like to renew our betting game and have one of you international fans and one of us editors guess the results of all the Bundesliga matches before each matchday. The person who guesses the scores should vary each week, so it would be great if a lot of you guys would be up for this ;-) We would put the guesses into each match prereport/short news and keep score all along the season. There is no money or obligation involved, just a little bit of fun and interaction.

It would be really great if we find one of you to bet the scores each week. Simply send a message to with your results and maybe a little sentence behind the results why exactly you expect this score to happen. It would be nice if we found someone to bet the scores each week. We have a fan from Ireland starting off with this weekends games, so we are looking forward to the next volunteer for the following weekend(s).

Black and yellow reagards,

the editors of



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