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Nuri is backHave you ever seen these useless top-ten-lists for everything you never wanted to know? I’ve got another one for you: The top ten of things you can do in 4 minutes.

10. You can eat a sandwich
09. You can buy a ticket for a flight to Malaga.
8. You can shower under cold water in winter.
7. You can travel 60km in a really fast airplane.
6. You can order your dinner online.
5. You can run 1.2km if you are trained.
3+1. You can have your German championship spoiled.
3. You can miss the train.
2. You can suffocate.
1. You can score three times against Freiburg.

To start from the beginning, Jürgen Klopp didn`t surprise us with the line-up, even though it was changed several times after last week’s terrible Derby defeat. Santana was replacing Hummels after his injury, Sahin was replacing Kehl and Reus came back in for Grosskreutz. So for the first time ever, Gündogan and Sahin played together on the double six. In the offense there were the common names: Reus next to Götze, Kuba on the right and his Polish mate Lewandowski up front.

First half

It didn’t take too long to see that Freiburg was willing to participate in this game. Moreover, they were the better team in the beginning. Our beloved Borussia still showed some bad habits well known from the first half in the city we don`t talk about. A stupid loss of the ball from Subotic early in the game gave away the first chance for Freiburg, but fortunately they do not seem to have a real killer up front – or if they have he didn’t get the ball. One would have thought that Borussia woke up now, but it took until minute 25 until we finally got a hand (or a foot) in the game. Christian StreichEverything back to normal? No, first Freiburg got their deserved lead! Another horrible miscommunication and disorientation left one Freiburg player completely alone at the side of the box, a good pass to the other side where another of our guests was (the good hosts we are) left with no opponent and had no problems to score. It was well deserved, Borussia really needed to get going if they wanted to get something out of this game and they seemed to understand. In minute 41, a Sahin free-kick found the head of Lewandowski and the Pole did what he always does – he scored. At least equalized before the break, we thought. But Borussia thought different, they finally attacked in their well-known Borussia way and played the best 4 minutes of the season so far. It left Freiburg completely headless, it almost seems they had left for the break a little early. Kuba had no problem to pass 4 opponents in the left corner of the box, wanted to pass to Reus, but Sahin was faster and stole the ball, hitting it into the net. The lost son was finally back! But this still wasn`t enough, only 60 seconds later, Schmelzer could walk freely into the box, kindly accompanied by 3 Freiburgers, passed to Reus, but he didn`t seem to be in score-mood, so Freiburg got the chance to clear, but only hit Lewandowski who was lying on the ground, had the time to get up and score yet another one. It was incredible! 3 goals in 4 minutes turned the whole game upside down and left Freiburg with little hope for the second half. The fans meanwhile sang and jumped into the break – it was quite an unexpected party they were celebrating.

Second half

Borussia started off where they stopped before the break. Reus and Götze both had big chances to score a forth, but both missed in a quite untypical way. And then it was the moment of referee Weiner – who by-the-way had hardly made any right decision in the whole game, but who wants to complain, it was the same for both sides – to make visible that he was also part of the game. Götze got into the box with a great action at the goal line and gets fouled, Weiner gives penalty. Nothing unusual so far, but after his decision he goes to his assistant to confirm and finally decides to give a drop-ball outside the box. Nobody really understood and nobody really cared, because seconds later, the ball was in the net anyway. Scored twice: Robert LewandowskiIt was again Kuba who wanted to pass to Reus, but his shot was blocked by the goalie and bounced back to Sahin who had no difficulties to score from around the penalty spot. We had our 4th, so what! But it wasn`t the last story of this game. In minute 76, Leonardo Bittencourt came in for Reus and two minutes later Lewandowski brought the ball to the right post after an irresistible run through the whole defence where Bittencourt scored his first Bundesliga goal. He didn`t even realize that he had hit the post quite badly. The stadium that had turned into a party zone already some time ago, especially after the announcement that our blue friends were losing at Nuremberg, was now going nuts. Freiburg joint our celebrations as they always do. I don`t know if they don`t care to lose in Dortmund or if they just try to be liked as much as they can, but they started the Mexican wave and because it didn`t really turned round, they tried again and again, confusing the East and West stand until the wave came in direction of the Süd from both sides. It was kind of funny – and stupid. And the last thing worth talking about in this game.


CelebrationThis match was some kind of antithesis to the most important football profundity we know. A game lasts 90 minutes? No, sometimes playing 50 is enough.It was comforting to see that Borussia finally came round to participate at the right moment when everything was still open. Maybe it wasn`t really deserved for Freiburg to get 5, but they seem to have been the punching bag for some frustration we had in the Bundesliga in the past weeks. I hope we have finally learned that also the Bundesliga is still a competition worth fighting for, even though you can`t win it this year.It was a joy watching the 4 minutes before the break, I would love to have some more minutes like that...

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