Bayern against Dortmund- No Headline Necessary

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Here we are. Bayern against Munich- again. Cup quarter final and the press is going nuts. To be honest, this pre report is probably not even necessary since we are all well aware of the the meaning of this game and of all the superlatives this game has to offer.

It's gonna be last years cup finalists competing with eachother once again in order to get a step closer to another final. It's gonna be the championship winner of the past two seasons against the first (and also second) runner up from back then but also- let's face it- the new championship winner. It's gonna be last years Championsleague finalist and by the press already proclaimed new Championsleague finalist against this years CL underdog. It's gonna be Lewandowski's current employer against his possible future one- and it's gonna be so much more. Simply Bayern Munich against Borussia Dortmund and I do not think that I have to explain anything further. As we all remember, we annoyed the hell out of Munich during the past couple of years. We won the Bundesliga twice in a row and it has been a long time since Munich had not won the league twice- so it is really no surprise that they are 17 points ahead of us in the leage at the moment- they must be furious. And as Uli Hoeneß hat once pointed out the situation when we were on top, we may as well say that binoculars won't be much help in order to figure out the distance from Munich to us in the Bundesliga table.

But this is a different game. This is the German Cup and Munich will remember well that we took the piss out of them in last years final as well. This year it will be the quarter final and of course Munich will not want to give away this thing one more time. And most certainly not to Dortmund. So they will do all they can in order get their revenge. In order to show the importance of the game, Heynckes had left six of his first squad players out of the team during the game against Bremen and let the second row play. It did not do the game any difference. Bremen was defeated 6:1 and Munich proved once more what kind of football they are playing this year. They simply are top-notch this year and there is nothing you can do about it but respect their way of playing. Still- we have our qualities as well and we will most certainly not go to Munich and expect to be defeated. Not at all.

Hummels had been taken out of the rather poor game against Gladbach but will most likely be alright again for tomorrows game- the same goes for our fantastic wingplayer Kuba. Since Lewandowskis red card only counts for the Bundesliga games, he will be on the pitch tomorrow as well. Hopefully as efficiently as always since I am more than fed up by all these Lewandowski rumours and don't want to hear another one after tomorrows game.
It's gonna be a tough game tomorrow. We will have to win- it's all or nothing. But we are going to Munich in order to win and in order to prove that we have not given up on proving Bayern one more time why we annoyed them so much during the past couple of years. Be aware Munich, you may be in a strong lead in the Bundesliga- but the Cup writes its own stories and this happy ending does not include a team from the south!
Come on Ballspielverein, remember those days in May? We most certainly do and we will do everything in order to support you and take you one step closer to those days again!

Possible Lineup

First runner up: Neuer - Lahm, van Buyten, Dante, Alaba - Javi Martinez, Schweinsteiger - T. Müller, Kroos, Robben - Mandzukic

Coach: Heynckes

Cup Winner: Weidenfeller - Piszczek, Subotic, Hummels, Schmelzer - Blaszczykowski, S. Bender, Gündogan - M. Götze, Reus - Lewandowski

Coach: Klopp

Referee: Kircher (Rottenburg)

stadium: Allianz Arena, Munich (sold out)

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