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Lewandowski cannot play against Eintracht FrankfurtAfter a successful trip to the Ukraine during the week, Borussia is about to get back to standard Bundesliga business. Tomorrow's mission: Beating Frankfurt in order to keep on track in qualifying for next year's Champions League campaign as well.

The task is going to be a difficult one, though. Having been promoted to the Bundesliga just last summer, Eintracht Frankfurt was playing in its top group from the beginning of the season. And they still do, being in fourth place right now, just two points shy of Borussia. An amazing performance by Armin Veh's team which is known for an offensive style similar to ours. Remember our last match up back in September, during the first half of the campaign, when Frankfurt was equalizing our 2-0 lead at half time within a few minutes. That game was a real thriller with Frankfurt showing quick counterattracks paired with a passionate attitude. Just as they did recently as well: Two weeks ago Frankfurt outplayed Hamburg in an away game, winning 2-0. Probably the final proof that tomorrow's game is not going to be a walkover, hm?

Among the leaders of their team are a couple of young players like goalkeeper Kevin Trapp, defensive backs Bastian Oczipka and Sebastian Jung or midfielders Sebastian Rode and Takeshi Inui, some of which are already regarded as being in the focus of German top class teams, including Borussia. It will be interesting to see whether Eintracht Frankfurt will be able to keep its level in future seasons as well or whether they'll end up as a one hit wonder like Wolfsburg, Nuremberg or Gladbach in earlier years. But that's a different story. Let's Julian Schieber shot his only goal against VfR Aalenhave a look at the present: What can we expect tomorrow night? Almost certainly, Borussia's game will be entirely different from the Hamburg game last Saturday. That's not just a phrase, our team has revealed problems in concentrating on Bundesliga games prior to important matches several times this year. Ambitions are obviously different now: Last year, the focus was necessarily on inner-German competitions, at least after it was all over in Champions League. This season, the team wants to prove that it is able to compete with the best teams in Europe. And they do.

This all happens at the cost of success in the Bundesliga. There's no doubt that Bayern Munich will clinch the title this year, so all what's left is to remain in second place. Not the most attractive goal, but nonetheless the condition for all what's coming next season. This makes tomorrow's match up extremely important, for which luckily all players but Robert Lewandowski are fit and allowed to play. And as no game is scheduled for next week, the team is set to give everything they got. Which should and hopefully will be enough.


Borussia Dortmund: Weidenfeller - Piszczek, Santana (Subotic), Hummels, Schmelzer - Bender (Gündogan), Kehl - Blaszczykowski, Götze, Reus - Schieber

Action at Block DroelfCoach: Jürgen Klopp

Eintracht Frankfurt: Trapp - Jung, Zambrano, Anderson, Oczipka - Rode, Schwegler - Aigner, Meier, Inui - Lakic

Coach: Armin Veh

Referee: Felix Brych

Venue: Westfalenstadion

Kick off: February, 16th, 6.30pm CET

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