Kein Zwanni strikes again - information about the boycot in Hamburg

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Starting with the away derby in GE during season 2010/2011, the fan initiative "Kein Zwanni für nen Steher" fights for affordable ticket prices in Germany. Over the last couple of years, they called out to boycot the mentioned derby just like the away matches in Hamburg. Last year, the fans met before the stadium to follow the match through the radio. This year, the protest will be showed in a different way. Read the official statement of "Kein Zwanni" here:

Get your asses up!

Once again it's on! On Saturday we will once more take a stand against excessive ticket prices and for football as a sport for all people. For the third year in a row the BVB supporters will protest against the HSV pricing. Despite various rounds of talks in the recent months HSV demands even higher ticket prices than in the last years. The cheapest seat is now sold for €40 with additional advanced booking and administration charges. The most expensive seat is even sold at €94. These prices are unacceptable even for the supporters on the standing terraces. So the initiative "Kein Zwanni – Fußball muss bezahlbar sein" (Kein Zwanni – football has to be affordable) calls for protests at Hamburg once more.

This time the supporters on the standing terrace will solidarise with the fans on the seats and leave the stadium at the starting whistle. Last year in HamburgWith this we will show the people in charge how much of it's fascination football will lose, if broad levels of the population will no longer be able to afford the ticket prices. An empty guest standing area is a symbol for stadia without passion and emotions, as we know them from England, the original motherland of the beautiful game.

We call on all BVB supporters to join our protest. An empty guest standing area and many vacancies on the seats will not be overseen by the media. Let's increase the pressure on the people in charge together and land weight to our claim for affordable tickets. Even if we ask a lot from you – nobody wants to miss a match of his team – we hope for your cooperation. United we are strong!

Keep football a sport for all people!

Of course, we will give you all the detailed information you need over the upcoming weekend and throughout next week.

Editors, 20.09.2012


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