Borussia faces Madrid, Manchester and Ajax - first reactions

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Another big nights are before usIt is the only group of this year's Champions League season filled with four champions of their respective countries. Borussia Dortmund was drawn into group D and will face the three big clubs of Real Madrid, Manchester City and Ajax Amsterdam. And oh boy, how am I looking forward to these six games, because let's be honest: This is exactly what Champions League is about. Big matches, big opponents, matches under floodlights... This is exactly what we had been waiting for over the last years.

Of course, German press directly names the group a "group of death" or a "group of horror". It would be naïve to believe that Borussia will march through this group undefeated. Of course, it will be a hell of a ride. But then again, Borussia won't be without any chances. Ajax Amsterdam can be defeated and depending on the form on the game days, even Manchester or Madrid are no unbeatable opponents in the home of Westfalenstadion which certainly will develop to seething cauldron.

First reactions to the drawing are as follows:

Hans-Joachim Watzke: "This is an incredibly hart but very attractive group with three Champions League winners and the English champion. All four teams are reigning champions in their countries. In groups like these, heroes are born. We want to make it to the next round."

Michael Zorc: "This is THE mind-blowing group of this year's Champions League draw. And just like we had to swallow it at first the other clubs have done as well."

Last year in MarseilleJürgen Klopp: "This group only causes anticipation, goose bumps and thrills. Of course, Manchester City and Real Madrid are transferring sums from A to B which we could only imagine. But this is not going to block us. We don't have the feeling that we have to compete with them in terms of who is more beautiful, who is bigger, who is more expensive? Instead, we want to be their most unpleasant opponent at that particular day. This group is a fantastic story. You should have played against Real Madrid at least once in your life. We will fight against world class players, I am looking forward to it."

Sebastian Kehl: "This is a great group. We could hardly draw bigger opponents than Madrid and Manchester. Of course, it always is a great experience to play in Estadio Santiago Bernabeu or on English ground. But to be honest, I wished for one or more easier opponents."

Mats Hummels (via Facebook): „Epic group. All I can say, just all I can say right now :D"

Lukas Piczczek (via Facebook): „Interesting group :)"

Moritz Leitner (via Facebook): „It's going to be epic!"

Felipe Santana (via Facebook): „Hey folks! Now it starts. Real Madrid, Man City and Ajax Amsterdam. A cool group but we are ready! Yeahh!"

Robert Lewandowski (via Facebook): „Real, Man City, Ajax, BVB, Champions League!!!!!!"

Julian Schieber (via Facebook): „Mind-blowing group, illustrious names, real treats. I am happy. May the best team win!"

Exact dates:

Tue, 18.09. Ajax Amsterdam (H)

Wed, 03.10. Manchester City (A)

Wed, 24.10. Real Madrid (H)

Tue, 6.11, Real Madrid (A)

Wed, 21.11. Ajax Amsterdam (A)

Tue, 04.12. Manchester City (H)

We are looking forward to great Champions League matches. Heja BVB!

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