Cup final, May 12th in Berlin - DO it again Borussia!

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What a great season 2011/2012! Borussia Dortmund is German Champion again! The second time in a row - for most of us (including me) a big surprise after winning the title last year. Meanwhile, a lot has been written about the new Deutscher Meister 2012, our sensational team, our sensational coach, our sensational team spirit and a lot of sensational matches. Aren't there enough sensations for this season? No! We all are full of hope that we will experience another sensation. On Saturday, our Borussia will play the Cup final in Berlin's Olympiastadium against the almighty team of Bayern Munich. Yes, it's Bayern Munich again, the all time favourite in the Bundesliga. This season "only" Vice Champion in the league but one week later on May 19th, the opponent of Chelsea in this year's Champions League final. But don't let us waste our time thinking about Bayern! Much more important is: It's Borussia Dortmund's great chance to write history in 2012 – winning the double for the first time in our club's chronicle!

But only hours before the kick-off in Berlin's Olympiastadium, let us travel back in time. Of course Borussia Dortmund's cup history wasn't very successful up to now. Very often our team was eliminated very early. Defeats against teams from lower divisions like Braunschweig, Fürth, Jena, Wattenscheid, Trier or Kickers Offenbach in 2010 are some examples of our not very glorious cup matches. But beside these bad memories there are also some black and yellow highlights: For four times our Borussia played the final. We can list two defeats: 1963 against Hamburg (0:3) and in 2008 against Bayern Munich (1:2). We all remember our hard fighting Borussia four years ago and a very unlucky defeat due to Luca Toni's goal in the extra time. Looking on Boussia's pennant or on the cup's engravings we find Borussia Dortmund twice. 1965 a 2:0 win against Aachen and in 1989 the legendary 4:1 win against Werder Bremen. This match, many from us will always remember. A fantastic Dortmund team, fantastic weather and a fantastic atmosphere, one year before the Berlin wall disappeared. I watched this match in 1989 live in Berlin's Olympiastadium and published my report below already in 2010. We all think there will be no better moment to recycle this two year old report than today. So, if you like, please read my personal experiences now 23 years ago. You also will find the reason why I – as a non-smoker - will enter Berlin's Olympiastadium on Saturday with a package of small cigars in my pocket. I confess it will be pure superstition to reach the one and only target: DO it again Borussia!

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