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It is day 5 after the game against Gladbach that decided we're champion again. Everyone has calmed down again, at least a bit, and this is why we want to take the opportunity to show you what other supporters felt before the game against Gladbach and still feel. Here are some supporters' voices taken from our forum. Enjoy!

"Tomorrow, it could indeed happen again. Borussia Dortmund will be German champion. Maybe. Okay, most probably. What we shall never forget apart from the discussions about how to get tickets for the cup final, the competition with Bayern and all the other stuff that is happening daily:
Those days, those hours, those minutes before, during and after the game that probably makes us champion we will never forget. We're the generation that is allowed to experience most likely the best, finest and most honest BVB of all times!
One day, we will look back to these months and years with desire. How well were we doing, how reckless were we.
We will need a lot of years to understand how precious moments can be. Und schon wieder Deutscher Meister BVB." (mistersh)

"I'm so amped, my night is already over, I couldn't really sleep because I had to think of the game all the time. To have the chance to become champion again this year two days before the league finishes is absolutely amazing. Somehow I can't believe this." (Travis_Bickle, 06:39 CET)

"Regardless of today's game's result, they deserve to be celebrated, they've deserved it for all the brilliant matches during this season that led us to where we are right now: On top! Champion for the 8th time! What a terrific, unbelievable accomplishment and each single player and guarantor deserves it to be celebrated tomorrow.
Team + coach + supporters = German champion, together!" (Alex)

"It is incredibly hard to find the right words to describe this situation - or even to find words at all. Thank you, Borussia!" (piet1909)

"Since last Saturday, my perception alternates between "surreal" and the wonderful memories of April the 30th, 2011. The feeling to leave the Südtribüne and to see all these well-known, blitheful faces. The joyful way out of the stadium, past the Rote Erde towards the Kreuzviertel. Neven Subotic at the crossroads and this mix of relief and and pride everywhere. This all continues to have an effect on me.
The possibility that this year we could again be the best German team is almost put into background by these memories. For me, the boys are the best German team anyways, whether they defend the title or not. Just think of all the incredibly precious moments they brought us during the last years.
It is difficult to comprehend all of this at the moment. There is only one thing I know: Tomorrow, I want to drift away as on the 30th of April 2011." (kansas_city_shuffle)

"The championship doesn't fill me up. It makes me happy and proud. I'm leading the life of a carefree supporter, like a neverending summer with a few tiny fair-weather clouds and lots of sunshine for the rest of the time. Add bratwurst and a chilled beer - the definition of a perfect day." (Sascha)

"This is like intoxication, it is impossible to be filled up when you see our team play. Absorb everything, and one day your heart will burst with pride. No other team on this earth will ever be able to give us these feelings, no other club will ever be able to live this passion and love.
This is exactly how pure joy feels.
Forever BVB!"

Marina, 25.03+1.2012



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