Cup final: Call for donations

24.03.2012, 01:33 Uhr von:  Redaktion
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We’re heading towards Berlin! And we’re still dreaming of the double.
For the Dortmund stand to gleam in grand shine against FC Bayern in the final, financial support is needed. This is why we publish the following announcement by THE UNITY:

Call for donations
Thursday, 22nd of March
After our Borussia has reached the final of the DFB cup on Tuesday night, the preparations for this honorable evening started on our behalf as well. To create the right conditions for the final on the 12th of May with a choreography, we need your support!
We call for donations to have a memorable choreography on that evening.
During the upcoming home game against Vfb Stuttgart, we’re happy to collect your donations at the Büdchen and at our mobile donation box.
Also, you have the possibility to transfer money to the following bank account:

Sparkasse Dortmund
BLZ: 440 501 99
Konto: 911 00 54 76
Verwendungszweck: Spende Pokalfinal-Choreo
IBAN: DE23 4405 0199 0911 0054 76

To a colourful, vociferous and memorable final!

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