Sorry Holstein Kiel!

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It will be a hard fight - just like in DüsseldorfWednesday, December the 21st 2011. Just a few days before Christmas, Borussia had already advanced to the quarter finals of the German DFB cup. The only thing missing is an opponent. After the rest of the cup matches had been played, the drawing took place on national television. Alongside Borussia, Hertha BSC Berlin, Borussia Mönchengladbach, Holstein Kiel, VfB Stuttgart, Bayern Munich, TSG Hoffenheim and SpVgg Greuther Fürth are part of the quarter finals. After it was decided that Holstein Kiel will be the next opponent of Borussia, television cameras present the team from the fourth league celebrating the fact that they will face the Deutscher Meister in February. Everything seems fine, Kiel is happy, Borussia is happy... until we hear the familiar sounds of the popular chant "BVB Hurensöhne" (meaning "BVB sons of bitches"). The players of Holstein Kiel did not think about being on TV and kept singing and the whole situation is of course taken up by the media over the following days. At least it is winter break and journalists need something to write about.

Saturday, January the 31st 2012. Borussia faces TSG Hoffenheim in the first home match of the new year. Before the match, a video is presented, showing the whole squad of Holstein Kiel apologizing for their behavior (the video can still be seen on They have BVB flags and scarves in their hands and around their heads and end up by saying "Sorry BVB" in unison. Kehl is able to score againThe Südtribüne explodes in laughter and the scandal (which was not a scandal anyway) is over. However, I am pretty sure that Holstein Kiel deserves and apology themselves. I mean, they are playing the German champion, currently residing on top of the league once again, willing to never give back that position again. They are playing the DFB cup winner of 1989 willing to march through Berlin just 13 years later to win the cup once again. They are playing a team of best friends, sharing a great atmosphere, team spirit, passion and heart. Therefore, we need to apologize for kicking your ass in the quarter finals of this year's cup and sending you home with a devastating defeat while celebrating the advance to the last four. Sorry Holstein Kiel!

Well, seriously, the team from the north of the country should not be underestimated since they already beat Mainz 05, MSV Duisburg and Energie Cottbus. However, we don't need to fear them because our team is more than ready and presented itself in a pretty good shape since the winter break. Three matches, three victories and even in matches like last Friday in Nuremberg, we eventually got away with the victory. However, the injury of Sven "Manni" Bender definitely hurts our team even though he will probably be ready to return to competition in two weeks in Berlin. Celebration like in Düsseldorf?His place is most likely to be taken by Moritz Leitner who already filled that role on the double-six on Friday and did a pretty impressive job doing so. Don't forget he was the one who was responsible for Piszczek gaining ground on the right side before he could assist to Sebastian Kehl's 1-0. Besides Bender, Mario Götze and Julian Koch still are not ready to play but the missing of Mario Götze (as stupid as it sounds) was nothing which could be felt over the last few weeks because Kuba showed his real strength and presented himself in a good shape.

Holstein Kiel, however, will be able to send the best squad possible on the pitch. Mentioning names would not be telling for most of our readers and I need to admit that I don't know anyone of the players of our opponent. But it won't be an easy ride directed to the last four even though it is a ride which has to be accomplished when you want to win something in this cup. The team will pretty sure know about the importance of our match and will not underestimate the opposing team. Maybe the "scandalous" chants of the Kiel players even gave a little bit of extra motivation for our players. So, sorry Kiel, but we are going to win in your stadium (which gives place for around 11.000 supporters) and we will advance to the semi finals. Sorry Holstein Kiel!

Possible Line-ups:

Holstein Kiel: Jensen - Herrmann, Berzel, Jürgensen (Schulz), Poggenberg - Kazior, Müller - Sachs (Chahed), Sykora, Lindner – Heider

Borussia Dortmund: Weidenfeller - Piszczek, Subotic, Hummels, Schmelzer - Leitner, Kehl - Kuba, Kagawa, Großkreutz – Lewandowski

Referee: Felix Zwayer (Berlin)

Location: sold-out Holstein-Stadium

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