Goodbye Manchester Shitty

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It are these evenings we all have waited for, for a long time. It are these evenings that led you to your “football-crazyness”. It are these evenings that determine the difference between tradition and business. It was one of these evenings when even the second string defeats the millionaires from Manchester richly deserved.

Before the Game

Already hours before the match it became clear, that coach Jurgen Klopp had to be innovative to field a squad, that could withstand an offensive with players like Aguero, Tevez, Dzeko and Balotelli. Compared to the starting XI against FC Bayern München, six new players, of which five made their UEFA Champions-League debut, completed the starting line-up.

Due to injuries as well as illnesses, Bender, Blaszczykowski, Gotze, Lewandowski, Kehl, Subotic and Piszczek were on the substitute's bench, if not entirely out of action. Großkreutz, Leitner, Kirch, Perisic and Schieber all were awarded, for being always ready for action during the last months with their appearances. The usual 4-2-3-1 formation became a 4-3-3 due to absence of nearly all defensive midfielders. Gündogan, Leitner and Großkreutz earned perfect scores during yesterday's match on unfamiliar positions in the line-up.

Manchester City nearly started with the best eleven players. Only Zabaleta, Aguero and Balotelli were on the substitute's bench.

The end is known. In front of 65,829 supporters, Borussia Dortmund achieved the fourth win in the sixth match. For the first time in its history, BVB remains undefeated during UEFA Champions-League group stage. Meanwhile MCFC was eliminated after a performance that was out of the question. Without any win during the group stage they depart international stage and do not even qualify for UEFA Europa League.

First Half

The first half started quite cautious. While one was aware that the starting XI of BVB had never played together before in this formation, MCFC was not able to up the tempo or just did not want to. Characteristic was Dzeko's performance. After 18 minutes the Bosnia-Herzegovina international already collected his fourth offside position.

But back to football. After 12 minutes on the clock, oldie and debutant Oliver Kirch called attention to himself when he took a shot on the goal out of 18 meters. Nevertheless goalkeeper Joe Hart had no problems to save the shot.

Manchester City had the first offensive action worth mentioning in minute 24, when Marcel Schmelzer could clear a cross by Dzeko only centimeters before striker Tevez. However not a really serious matter for Roman Weidenfeller.

The last-mentioned Weidenfeller, who made a brilliant impression during the whole evening, had to save a shot by striker Dzeko in minute 30. Out of probably 30 meters he took heart and shot on target after an unnecessary turnover. Fortunately our captain was suspicious and deflected the ball.

In minute 36 the best scoring opportunity of BVB during first half followed. The agile Marco Reus dribbled into the box from the right wing and blasted the ball towards the net with his left foot. Once more Joe Hart was the winner and deflected the ball with the help of the goalpost.

Many scoring opportunities could not be found during the first half, but the newly composed BVB formation found itself more and more during the match and it appeared to every Black and Yellow supporter, that it would only be a matter of time until the go-ahead goal, against a disappointing and dull MCFC, would happen.

Second Half

Marco Reus got his deserved rest and Jakub Blaszczykowski entered the pitch for him at the start of the second half.

After all it seemed like Manchester City did come to Dortmund to play football and had the first scoring opportunity when Edin Dzeko headed the ball towards Weidenfeller in minute 46. Still 0-0!

Only five minutes later defender Mats Hummels missed a free kick by left-back Marcel Schmelzer only close. That would have been the lead! In general Borussia Dortmund geared up and an extraordinarily difficult volley by Ivan Perisic from the left side of the box, was cleared by Joe Hart. The goalkeeper also saved a shot by Kevin Großkreutz only one minute later. A brilliant performance by the young international just like during the first match against City.

Coach Roberto Mancini went for broke in minute 56 when he put in another striker with Sergio Aguero.

In minute 57 it finally happened. A fast run by Kuba on the right wing followed a perfect cross that Julian Schieber (YES!) put into the net. Schieber could have crowned his effort only one minute later but missed a lob when he was totally unmarked in front of Hart.

As a result of the course of the game, Mancini also put in Mario Balotteli – who also got a warm welcome from the Dortmund supporters. We don't forget! More than one scoring opportunity for Tevez in minute 67 did not appear and it was once more Lewandowski, who replaced Schieber, who could have made it 2-0. Still Joe Hart made a good impression.

In the end the only thing noteworthy is the debut of talent Leonardo Bittencourt, who was put in for Oliver Kirch in minute 86.


The second string of Borussia Dortmund defeated a disastrous and characterless squad of Manchester City. The eleven players found themselves during the game and acted better from minute to minute. Especially debutants Oliver Kirch, Julian Schieber and Moritz Leitner deserve a special praise. Compared to them, I have never seen a bunch of players that acted in this way to the disadvantage of a coach. A negative connotation remains. Tradition beats every trend and business. Goodby Manchester Shitty. We won't miss you.

A little bit of Mancini out the door,
A little bit of Mario on the floor,
A little bit of Tevez shooting wide,
A little bit of Nasri on the side
Not even on channel 5.


Mats Hummels: “The mindset of our squad is brilliant. That's the maximum you can achieve within a group like this. Knockout phase for the first time in Dortmund since after what seems like ages. But to lump us together with all the favorites, isn't right.”

Julian Schieber: “We are more than 18 men who belong to the squad. This is what a team is about. I'm really happy that I finally scored today.”

Jürgen Klopp: “I never expected that we would finish this group with 14 points. But I knew that we could be a nasty opponent. It's not that bad to perform this way when you've changed the formation that much. It was a brilliant match, everything went well.”


Borussia Dortmund: Weidenfeller - Kirch, Santana, Hummels, Schmelzer - Großkreutz, Gündogan, Leitner - Reus, Schieber, Perisic.

Manchester City: Hart - Maicon, Kompany, Nastasic, Lescott - Javi Garcia, Barry - Nasri, Tévez, Sinclair – Dzeko.

Substitutions: 46. Blaszczykowski IN Reus OUT, 77. Lewandowski IN Schieber, OUT 86. Bittencourt IN Kirch OUT - 57. Aguero IN Sinclair OUT, 64. Balotelli IN Dzeko OUT, 68. Zabaleta IN Nasri OUT.

Goals: 1-0 Schieber (57.)

Corners: 3:7.

Scoring Opportunities: 8:5.

Bookings: Garcia, Lescott, Balotelli.

Referee: Mazic (Serbia).

Attendance: 65, 829 (sold-out).

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