We feel safe. Do you?

01.11.2012, 22:34 Uhr von:  Redaktion
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The discussions and media campaign have been going on for months and we stood aside in amazement: Reportedly anarchy and violence reign German football, visiting a stadium has become a dangerous adventure. Allegedly our favorite sport, the beautiful game is experiencing a new dimension of riots.

Really? Why do we football fans and regular stadium visitors witness so little of that?

In fact visiting a stadium is no more dangerous than five, ten, thirty years ago. Quite the opposite is true! The Bundesliga stadiums have record breaking visitor numbers today, among those visitors are more families with children than ever before. All those visitors share the same feelings: They are not afraid.

How about you? Are you not afraid as well? Then let's take a stand together against scandalising and exaggerating media coverage! Let's take a stand against the fear scenarios far from reality that dominate the public discussion! Let's take a stand against the absurd catalogues of measures presented by politicians! Let's hand a petition to the internal politicians that a vast majority of their voters is not agreeing with what's happening at the moment. Let's demonstrate to them, our clubs and their associations that we love our stadiums and our football the way they are. That we are not afraid when we enter the stadium doors week after week.

You feel safe in German stadiums? Then sign into the list!

Editors, 01.11.2012


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