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Black forest dressed whiteBorussia Dortmund were on a wave of euphoria after beating Real Madrid 2-1 during the week. While that was a "real" highlight, it was now back to Bundesliga. SC Freiburg were hosts as a sudden snow fall turned the pitch into a desaster. Nonetheless BVB overcame these diffuculties and won 2-0 after a fierce battle.

What an evening we experienced some days ago! Real Madrid had to bow down to our black-yellow heroes. Borussia played a fantastic match and finally beat the Royal club 2-1. Lewandowski and Schmelzer scored to place Dortmund on top of the Champions League group. With that highlight in mind, Borussia Dortmund had to travel to the Southern Border of Germany where SC Freiburg was waiting.

But at all our beloved club showed an uneven start into the season. While playing fantastic football on the European stage, the Bundesliga displays weren't perfect. 12 points out of 8 matches is surely not enough. And to top that, we lost the important Ruhr Valley derby against Sch*lke 04 2-1 with a bad performance.

Jürgen Klopp was able to field nearly the same line up like Wednesday. Only Sven Bender missed the match due to injury. Ilkay Gündogan took his place in holding midfield. Up front Großkreutz, Reus, Götze and Lewandowski made up our offence. Christian Streich on the other side replaced Sorg and Freis by Guedé and Kruse.

1-0 SuboticIn front of a capacity crowd of 24.000 spectators the weather was the main topic at the start. Temperatures below zero and heavy snow falls made the pitch a jeopardy thing. No real passing game was possible. SC Freiburg adapted much earlier to the circumstances and at least played some successful passes. But it needed until minute 15 for the first highlight of the match. Subotic cleared at last moment, the following corner kick found Caligiuri's head. After another deflection Piszczek played a header direction own goal, that hit the post! That was really a close one. Only 5 minutes later Jendrisek tried to pass to Kruse, who was waiting in Dortmund's box. BVB goalie Roman Weidenfeller quickly left his goal and was able to save. It needed until minute 26 for Borussia Dortmund's first real chance. A freekick taken by Real Madrid hero Marcel Schmelzer nearly found Mats Hummels head, but Oliver Baumann was able to clear that one. Shortly after Lewandowski had another approach, but his from 20 metres distance was wide. Half an hour played Diagne had the best chance to score. Standing totally unmarked 9 metres in front of the goal fortunately his header was wide. And Freiburg kept the pressure high when Schuster tanked down into the box. His pass stuck in the snow covered pitch and so also this one was wasted. Both teams finally went into halftime break after this awful first half with a pitch, that didn't really allow regular football.

No changes were made on both sides. But Borussia Dortmund now improved their performance. Contrary to the first half, now the black-yellow boys controlled midfield and their passing accuracy was now much better. Just one minute into the second half Götze found Reus. The quick national passed to Piszczek, whose shot was deflected by Caligiuri and so the chance was gone. In minute 54 BVB got a freekick on the left side of the midfield. Actually the decision was doubtful as referee Fritz saw a hand play by Makiadi, the TV recordings didn't really resolve this. Nonetheless Marco Reus took the freekick. His beautiful shot found Neven Subotic's head and the ball dropped in the lower right corner of Baumann's goal - 1-0 BVB!

2-0 GötzeSC Freiburg reacted immediately. A deflected ball found Jendrisek completely unmarked 6 metres in front of the goal. Roman Weidenfeller jumped out of his goal and cleared with a fantastatic move. Only minutes later Neven Subotic needed his best to clear in front of Makiadi, who was waiting unmarked in the box. Borussia Dortmund lost a little bit of the touch, they had at the beginning of the second half. But still BVB got some chances. Piszczek had an approach in minute 74, but his shot was wide. Surely the man of the second half was Mario Götze. Now in most of the attacks Mario Götze was involved. So in minute 83 when Lewandwoski saw Götze unmarked on the right side of the box. The young German national put the ball past Oiver Baumann and it was 2-0 BVB! But like with the first goal, also this one initiated some disputes as Mario Götze might have touched the ball with his arm. Whatever, with this second goal, the match was decided. SC Freiburg wasn't able or willing to start a final attacking phase and so the match ended with a 2-0 win for BVB.


A hard fight that saw SC Freiburg as the better team in the first half while Dortmund dominated the second half. At all also a draw would have been justified. Borussia Dortmund should take the momentum and add another 3 points next weekend at home.


SC Freiburg: Baumann - Schmid, Diagne, Mujdza - Makiadi, Schuster (86. Flum) - Jendrisek (61. Hedenstad), Caligiuri - Guedé (69. Terrazzino), Kruse
Coach: Christian Streich

Borussia Dortmund: Weidenfeller [2] - Piszczek [3], Subotic [3], Hummels [3], Schmelzer [3] - Kehl [3], Gündogan [3] - Reus [3] (81. Schieber), Götze [2] (89. Perisic), Großkreutz [3] (90. Leitner) - Lewandowski [3]
Coach: Jürgen Klopp

Goals: 1-0 Subotic (54. header, assist Reus), 2-0 Götze (83., right-footed, Lewandowski)

Yellow Cards: Ginter, Caligiuri - Kehl, Gündogan, Subotic

Referee: Marco Fritz

Venue: MAGE SOLAR Stadion, 24.000 (sold out)

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