The Ruhrpott will always remain black and yellow!

19.10.2012, 09:59 Uhr von:  Redaktion

Tomorrow is the day of all days in the year- we all remember the banner some of our fans once held up "Derby-victory is like the Championship victory" and that has never changed. We had two fantastic years and none of us could have ever dreamt what we got to see during the past two years. But among those great moments with the Schale and the Cup, a few other pictures stick out.

The welcome after the Derbyvictory in our first championship season with Klopp, when a bunch of BVB fans carried Kagawa up and down the road- a Derby hero was born for sure- but also last year, when our team had this difficult week with games against Bayern, Arsenal and Schalke- our team on the fence in front of the Südtribüne, in union with their fans, singing "Ballspielverein Borussia aus Dortmund"- those are the pictures all of us will truly never forget. And Piszczeks scream after his drawing goal in April, this shot into the upper right corner of the goal, destroying all of Schalkes dreams to maybe spoil our second championship victory in a row- those are the moments we will always remember and never forget. The victory against Bayern the week before was obviously a highlight for every Dortmund fan in the world, a game against Madrid to look forward to is amazing, but a Derby is something else. It is THE game of the year- or one of the two games of the year- it is the 90 minutes we are all looking for the six days ahead of the game, it is the reason why every Dortmund and Schalke fan laughs, when other people say that Bremen against Hamburg is a derby as well. It does not even come close to what this game means to us people in the Ruhrgebiet.

I think we all know what this game means to all of us, and the past couple of years were quite successful for us when it came to the game yellow against blue. To be fair, Schalke has done a good job during the last years, staying amongst the top teams of the Bundesliga almost every season- but they are lacking something incredibly important. The Schale for example. And despite their rather okey years in the Bundesliga in generell, the games against us usually ended in bitter feelings for them- and joyful ones for us. And so it shall remain. Tomorrow is a new game. A new victory to conquer, another chance to show the blue ones which colours the RUhrgebiet truly belong to- another moment to prove to them that we are the number one and that this will never change.

The signs could be better at the moment. A lot of injuries annoyed us during the past weeks and the worst one probably stroke us when Kuba announced that he would be out for the next six weeks. Then Gündogan, Hummels, Kehl, Bender and now Schmelzer and Götze followed- not the nicest thing to read in the news for sure. Luckily almost all of them have recovered from their injuries and have benn back in training for the past couple of days. There is a big questionmark behind Gündogan, Schmelzer and Götze(who will most likely miss out on the game) though and we might have to substitute them for this Saturday. Another not so pleasent factor of the past days have been the games the players had with their national teams, our Polish players even only returned on Thursday since their game against England was delayed for one day. On the other hand our unfriendly neighbours are at least struggling a bit as well since Fuchs, Papadopoulos and Draxler are in question for Saturday.
But to put it in Jürgen Klopps words "easy- everyone knows easy"- and that is how we are gonna do it. We had times that were even more difficult. Don't we all remember the Cup game against Düsseldorf where it felt as if we had no players left? And just to say it with Jürgen Klopps words again "there will be eleven Dortmund players on the pitch on Saturday". And I am absolutely sure that all of these eleven players know what the Derby means to us and that they will give their all to keep those three points at home where they belong.

Let's enjoy those 90 minutes on Saturday, let's do all that we can to scream our boys to the victory in the stadium, in the pubs, at home or whereever you are. Let's create this perfect union in order to add another unforgettable moment to our history and not only be Derby heroes- but also remain Derby heroes. Because after all: the Ruhrpott IS black and yellow!

Possible Line Up

Borussia Dortmund: Weidenfeller - Piszczek, Subotic, Hummels, Schmelzer (Löwe) - Gündogan (Bender), Kehl - Perisic, Reus, Großkreutz - Lewandowski

Blue ones: Hildebrand (Unnerstall) - Uchida, Höwedes, Matip, Fuchs - Neustädter, Jones - Farfan, Holtby, Afellay - Huntelaar

Westfalenstadion: 80 645 (sold out)

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